When there’s only one you left in the world, do you hear a knock or don’t you? Einstein has already given the answer!

When there’s only one you left in the world, do you hear a knock or don’t you? Einstein has already given the answer!


In the history of mankind, there have been many geniuses, such as Einstein and Newton. They have amazing wisdom. Many people want to know what is hidden in their minds. They have their own unique views on everything and perfect solutions. Not only that, there are many similar examples in our life. For example, when we go to school, there are always people in the class whose grades keep the first place. No matter how hard others try, they can’t catch up with their names. Learning is not difficult for them at all.


When they grow up, they will meet many flexible people at work. They have their own way of dealing with things. Every time they can solve them perfectly, their brains are different from ours. It is not difficult to find that today’s human civilization has almost been in a state of stagnation. Since the death of Einstein and other great men, human civilization has rarely made great progress. When there’s only one you left in the world, do you hear a knock or don’t you? Einstein has already given the answer!


Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum theory and so on have laid a solid foundation for the scientific community, but also provide a new way of thinking for mankind. After understanding, we know that Einstein’s brain development level is higher than ordinary people, he has advanced thinking and unique point of view. Before Einstein died, he also asked a question, that is, if you were the only person left in the world, what would you do when someone knocked at the door? I believe many people’s hearts will be very tangled. Is it open or not?


Einstein always thought that there were parallel spacetime in the universe, which indirectly indicated that there might be two worlds on the earth. Obviously, if you’re the only one left on the planet, you’ll feel a lot of fear in your heart. There are only two choices. One is to open the door, the other is not to open it. We don’t know who the person knocking on the door is. Maybe it’s a more advanced alien civilization than human beings. Then the initiative is in their hands. Whether they open it or not is the same result. If you don’t open it, maybe they will break the door and enter directly.


Through this question, it also indirectly shows the current situation of human beings. Scientists have deep feelings about the destruction of the earth. Human beings are social animals with seven emotions and six desires. They also have the ability to think independently. They will act according to their own ideas and claim to be the master of the earth. They will hunt and kill the creatures on the earth wantonly. If it goes on for a long time, human beings will be extinct God. If there is only one person left, life will become extremely boring, living like a walking corpse every day.


Einstein has given an answer to this question for a long time. He thinks that time and space are not a whole. When they collide with each other, they will form a higher dimensional space. When there is only one person left in the world, it is bound to encounter great disaster. The balance of the world will be broken. Maybe the person knocking on the door is another me. When two me collide, it will turn upside down It is possible that the changes in the world will disappear in an instant. What do you think of this problem? You can leave a message for interaction.

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