When will China’s eye of heaven launch the extraterrestrial civilization search program?

Hundreds of years ago, after thousands of years of development, human civilization finally entered the era of science and technology. And the power of science and technology is infinite, it accelerated the pace of human civilization, only developed to more than 200 years of science and technology, in 1957, mankind finally realized the dream of flying, the first satellite successfully broke through the constraints of the earth’s gravity in space, then in 1961, the first human astronaut Gagarin went into space.

When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they really understand how small the earth is and how small human beings are. At this time, most people will think of such a question: does alien civilization exist? If not out of the earth before, many people may have doubts about this, but when we really realize the vastness of the universe, few people have doubts.

Most people believe that alien civilization exists. Human beings are not alone in the universe. Of course, if we want to make the dream of alien civilization come true, we still need to really find evidence of the existence of alien civilization, so human beings began to search for extraterrestrial civilization after walking out of the earth. Scientists are basically certain that there is only one intelligent civilization in the solar system.


Therefore, if we want to look for extraterrestrial civilization, we can only look beyond the solar system and the whole universe. However, the strength of human space is still very weak. Human civilization has just stepped out of the earth and has not yet been able to send spacecraft to search for extraterrestrial civilization outside the solar system. If so, does it mean that human beings can never search for alien civilization before they become an interstellar civilization?

Of course not. Scientists have come up with another way to search, that is to search for possible signals of alien civilization. We all know that if a civilization develops into the era of science and technology, or even the interstellar age, the rapid development of radio communication is inseparable. The more powerful a civilization is, the more powerful its radio communication technology and capability will be.

If there are a large number of interstellar civilizations in the universe, then the application of wireless communication is indispensable for the interstellar navigation of these civilizations. And such wireless signals may spread everywhere in the universe. A more ideal situation is that an alien civilization has also found the earth, and it is speculated that there may be intelligent civilization on the earth. However, due to the very long distance and limited strength, it is impossible to come to the solar system, so it is possible to send a strong pulse wireless signal to the earth.

Because this kind of signal is directional, the energy is more powerful, once it comes to the solar system, it may be received by us. The radio telescope is the auxiliary telescope to search for extraterrestrial civilization through signals. The more powerful the radio telescope is, the larger the search range is, and the higher the possibility of finding extraterrestrial civilization signals is. The sky eye in China is the most powerful radio telescope in the world.


China’s sky eye was proposed by Chinese astronomer Nan Rendong in 1994. It took 22 years to build and was put into operation on September 25, 2016. Led by the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is the largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope in the world with independent intellectual property rights in China. Its comprehensive performance is ten times that of the famous radio telescope Arecibo.

Since its launch in 2016, China Tianyan has been in the testing stage. Although it is only in the testing stage, its powerful performance still surprises scientists. Just after its operation, 59 high-quality pulsars have been discovered, of which 44 have been confirmed as newly discovered pulsars. This is a miracle in the history of astronomical observation.

China’s sky eye’s search for pulsars is just a small test, and scientists expect more from it. China’s heavenly eye has five major scientific observation objectives, the most important of which is to search for extraterrestrial civilization. Such a powerful radio telescope would be too wasteful to search for the supposed alien civilization.


After more than three years of testing, China’s sky eye’s powerful signal detection ability has been recognized by the world’s astronomers. China’s heavenly eye is finally officially starting its real great task, which is to search for extraterrestrial civilization. On April 28, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially announced that China’s heavenly eye will officially launch the extraterrestrial civilization search program to search for signals from high intelligent life in the deep universe.

After the completion of the “Chinese sky eye”, some people said that if the earth receives signals from aliens in the next ten or twenty years, it must be thanks to fast, the world’s largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope. So what is the scope of the Chinese sky eye’s search signal? It may be thought that the sky eye can search for radio signals across the galaxy.

If you think so, it’s too small to see the ability of China’s sky eye. In fact, the search scope of sky eye can theoretically extend to tens of billions of light-years. However, the farther the distance is, the more difficult it will be to search for signals. The main search range of the Chinese eye is the Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy.

Celestial eye will explore 1 trillion stars in Andromeda galaxy. Scientists will divide Andromeda into 21 hexagonal regions, each of which is covered by four observations of 19 beam receiver and displayed in four colors. The sky eye has the potential to detect the intelligent civilization signals that may be sent out by earth like planets. If there are a large number of scientific and technological civilizations in the galaxy and Andromeda, there may be good news in the near future.


Many people want to know when the eye of heaven can find the signal of extraterrestrial civilization. For this, it is difficult for scientists to give an accurate answer. Although theoretically speaking, the sky eye’s ability to search for signals is very powerful, because there are too many wireless signals in the universe, they are basically natural signals from celestial bodies.

If the signals of alien civilization are mixed with these cosmic signals, they may be missed if they are not careful. So, the first step is to search for the signals in the universe. The second step is to find these mysterious signals in the huge data. Because we have no knowledge of alien civilizations, their words and languages, and their communication modes.

Therefore, even if the signal of extraterrestrial civilization has been received by the Chinese heavenly eye, we want to judge that the signal is sent by extraterrestrial civilization. It’s also quite difficult. Only when we completely crack this signal can we really determine whether it is a signal of extraterrestrial civilization. It is very difficult to decipher the signals of extraterrestrial civilization.


We should know that the language and writing of alien civilization may be totally different from that of human beings, and the technology and mode of radio signal may not be recognized by us. So even if we tell you that this is a signal of extraterrestrial civilization, we may not be able to decipher it at all.

It can be seen that although China’s heavenly eye has been activated, it is also very difficult to really search for the signals of alien civilization and successfully crack them. It is possible that it is far from what human science and technology can do. Anyway, China’s sky eye is the most powerful radio telescope in the world. It will bring us constant surprises in the future and help human civilization move forward rapidly.

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