When will Hawking’s prediction of lunar migration come true? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I understand

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The moon is the only natural satellite on earth. From the day of human birth, human ancestors were full of curiosity and alarm about two things in the sky, one is the sun, the other is the moon. They manage day and night respectively, especially the moon, which may have a higher status in the hearts of human ancestors because it brings some light to the dark night.


You know, before human beings entered the era of science and technology, there was no lighting equipment for people to walk at night. Besides torches, the most important thing was to rely on the moon in the sky to guide the direction and road. Therefore, the moon is very important to people in ancient times. It is precisely because of the extraordinary position of the moon in the hearts of the ancients that many beautiful poems and myths about the moon appeared.

So what kind of place was the moon in the minds of the ancients? In fact, from myths and legends, we can see that the moon in the minds of the ancients was a very beautiful place, where people lived. However, when mankind entered the era of science and technology and landed on the moon, we found that the moon was very desolate and there was no life.

Although the moon is very desolate, there is no life, but scientists through the continuous exploration of the moon, found that the moon is a very rich resource planet. Moreover, there is helium-3, which is very important for the future of mankind. The energy of the moon makes people envious, so it is inevitable to develop the moon in an all-round way in the future. To exploit the resources of the moon, first of all, we need to build a long-term base on the moon, and even build a new home for human beings on the moon.


Since ancient times, mankind has the dream of building a home on the moon. In ancient China, there was a beautiful myth that Chang’e lived in the Moon Palace. It is not scientists, but a group of imaginative science fiction writers who put forward the idea of building a lunar base. Today, scientists and engineers are also actively exploring ways to build a lunar base.

The moon base is a habitable facility built on the surface of the moon, which can ensure the long-term life and work of astronauts. It is not easy to build such a residential facility. We should know that the moon has no atmosphere, no ecological environment of its own, and naturally no oxygen for partners to breathe. Without the protection of the atmosphere, the solar radiation and cosmic radiation on the surface of the moon are very strong.


If astronauts want to survive and work on the moon for a long time, they need a closed earth ecosystem, which is the moon base. According to the current level of human science and technology, scientists put forward a gradual development strategy of the lunar base, first to establish a temporary lunar outpost, then a permanent lunar outpost, then a lunar base, and finally to build a real lunar village, so that the moon can become a home for human beings.

According to experts’ estimation, it may take about 30 years to build a temporary lunar outpost to a lunar base that can accommodate hundreds of people, while it will take at least 50 years to form a mature comprehensive lunar base. This is a long-term strategic goal of large investment, long cycle, involving the interests of all countries and requiring common cooperation. Therefore, international cooperation is an inevitable trend.

At present, the United States, Russia and the European Space Agency have put forward relevant plans for the construction of a lunar base, expecting to build a lunar base in the near future. The whole cost is expected to be 10 billion US dollars. Scientists once thought that the project would be completed in 2022, but according to the current development, it is obviously unlikely to be realized. You know, 2020 is less than two years from now, and now the simplest temporary moon outpost has not been completed.


Hawking had many predictions before his death, one of which is that human beings will immigrate to the moon in the near future. According to the trend of human science and technology development, immigrating to the moon can be realized in the future. But when will it come true? According to the explanation of the above scientists, we can see that if human beings want to truly realize the lunar migration, they need to achieve the final goal, that is to build a real lunar village on the moon, that is, a huge closed lunar city.

To achieve such a lunar City, it will take not a short time. It may take at least 50 years from a temporary lunar outpost to a permanent lunar base. To upgrade and build a real lunar village, I’m afraid it will take decades more efforts on the basis of the lunar base. Therefore, it may take about 100 years for human beings to truly realize the lunar migration.


Of course, human exploitation of lunar resources can not be used for such a long time. Only a few people went to live and work on the moon first. These people, except some scientists, were mainly miners. And the permanent moon base built by human beings can only live for about 100 people. It will take a long time for ordinary people to immigrate to the moon.

The future moon is bound to be a very busy place, not only there are many mining bases, but also there will be a huge moon city, a large number of earth people will migrate to the moon. Some people may think that immigrating to the moon is a good thing, but in fact, no matter how well the moon city is built, it is not as good as living on the earth.

To know that the environment of the moon is doomed, people living on the moon need to live in a closed ecological environment. To get out of this living environment, you need to wear space suits. Moreover, the gravity of the moon is much smaller than that of the earth, and the impact of gravity on the human body is also many. So people who have lived on the moon for too long may not be able to adapt to the earth’s environment when they return to the earth.


In any case, there is no problem in the realization of Hawking’s prediction of human future lunar migration, and the moon in the future is just an outpost for human beings to call people to the outer planet. In addition to the moon, we will also immigrate to Mars in the near future. Mars may be the most important planet for human migration in the solar system.

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