When will man land on Mars, musk: build cities on Mars in 10 years!

When will man land on Mars, musk: build cities on Mars in 10 years!


Entering outer space has always been the dream of human beings. Since 1969, when human beings first entered the moon, scientists have turned their attention to Mars. This year, the earth’s environment has undergone extremely bad changes. Therefore, scientists mentioned that we can land on Mars in the future. The atmosphere of Mars is not suitable for human survival at all. Musk mentioned that the environment of Mars can be changed in the future, which is very important The release of this concept has overturned everyone’s imagination. As a technology maniac, is the method he said really feasible?

Mars landing program


According to musk, SpaceX will successfully send humans to Mars in 2024, which is the first company on earth to send humans to Mars. But at present, humans can’t change the environment on Mars. How can we send humans to Mars? This company is likely to build a city suitable for human beings on Mars in 26 years. If this plan is really successful, it means that the speed of human migration from interstellar will be faster and faster.


However, in recent years, according to the interview records of musk, we can see that he seems to be becoming more rational. He no longer says that he will send humans to Mars, and he is ready to plan to fail, and even may cause personnel and money losses, which surprised many people. What did SpaceX do during this period?

Can human beings successfully immigrate?


According to the news from foreign media some time ago, this company has started the experiment of alien spacecraft. It is estimated that in 10 years, it will build thousands of spacecraft, and create 100 spacecraft every year. This is a great challenge for any company. Once this spacecraft successfully tests and migrates to Mars, it will continue to send human beings to Mars It may be possible to send 1 million people to Mars in 10 years, which sounds a bit feasible, but is it really so easy to implement it? Will Musk’s plan really succeed?


This company has been making breakthroughs in the past few years, but it is too difficult to land on Mars, let alone send 1 million people to Mars. Even if his company can complete this plan, I believe many people dare not risk their lives to go to Mars.

At present, human space technology still needs to be improved. We need to consider how to build a base on Mars and improve the Martian atmosphere. Interstellar migration is a difficult task in a few years. We might as well think about how to slow down the deterioration of the earth’s environment. After reading this article, do you think that human beings can successfully land on Mars in the future?

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