When will the earth come to an end? Scientist: time is decided by man himself

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. In this big home, each of us has his own small home, which is also known as the house. So can our house last forever? I believe every friend knows that the house can not exist forever. Even if it is not demolished after aging, it will disappear one day in the future. This is the power of time.

Since a small home like a house can’t exist forever, can a big home like the earth exist forever? In fact, it’s hard for us to give a definite answer to this question. Theoretically speaking, both stars and planets have an end. The sun is a star, but its life span is only 10 billion years. In another 5 billion years, it will come to the end of its life and transform into a white dwarf.


It may be said that when the earth will come to an end is determined by the sun. When the sun goes to the end of life, the earth will no longer exist. If the earth is an ordinary planet, then the fate of the future is engulfed by the expanding sun. As we all know, before the sun comes to an end, it will expand into a red giant, which will devour Mars, Venus and finally the earth.

Thus, under normal circumstances, the earth will not see the day when the sun turns into a white dwarf, and it will be engulfed by the expanding sun very early. Is the ultimate fate of the earth really like this? As we said before, if the sun is an ordinary planet, its ultimate fate is to be swallowed by the sun, but is the earth an ordinary planet? Of course not.

Now the earth is a planet of wisdom and civilization, with human beings entering the era of science and technology as the overlord. The ultimate fate of a civilized planet may not be passive, but active, which is determined by the intelligent civilization on the planet. The ultimate fate of the earth may also be determined by human beings. Whether the earth will end and when it will come to an end are determined by human beings.


Many people may not understand this. How do humans decide when the earth will come to an end? I believe all my friends know that when we look at the earth from space, it is actually a floating and moving ball. From the perspective of the universe, the earth is as small as a grain of dust. And this dust has its own orbit, it moves around the tiny sun.

So how does this orbit of the earth come from? It’s actually a function of gravity. So can gravity be changed? The answer is yes. The reason why the earth’s orbit is stable is that gravity has reached a balance. If an external force changes this balance, then the earth’s orbit will also change, or even break away from the shackles of the sun’s gravity.


If the earth can’t break away from the solar gravity, it will be swallowed up by the expanding sun for billions of years. To change the fate of the earth, we only need to break away from the sun’s gravitational shackles, and to achieve this, we need to rely on the power of science and technology.

Science and technology is to constantly solve the mysteries of all things and the universe. As long as the strength of science and technology reaches a certain level, the trajectory of celestial bodies can be changed. Billions of years is enough for human beings to develop science and technology to a very high level. At that time, we may not have the ability to change the universe, but it may not be difficult to change a small solar system.

Even if it can’t completely change the fate of the sun, it’s a small matter to change the fate of an earth. We can completely transform the earth into a planet that can move and wander on its own, so that it will be far away from the sun, so that it will not be swallowed by the sun. At the end of the sun’s life, we can move the sun directly out of the solar system to other galaxies.


With the help of human science and technology, the fate of the earth may be completely changed, and a wandering planet can hardly be threatened by any cosmic disaster. Even if we don’t want to wander, we can put the earth in a stable star system and orbit around the star.

It can be seen that the future destiny of the earth is closely bound with mankind. As long as human civilization does not end, the earth will not come to an end. It can always exist with the help of human science and technology. Other stars and planets continue to disappear, while the earth will become more and more ancient. Even if the future universe will come to an end, and human technology will develop to the end, it may also ignore the end of the universe.


If human beings transcend the universe, then the earth can also transcend the universe and become an eternal being. When human beings are born on the earth, it is the earth mother who gave birth to us and provided us with a stable and suitable environment for our continuous growth. This is the contribution of the earth mother.

When human beings really grow up, we will continue to help the earth mother, get rid of all kinds of disaster shackles, and let the earth exist forever. Now, we are proud of the earth. In the future, the earth will be proud of human beings. Perhaps in countless years, human beings will come into contact with all kinds of cosmic civilizations. Human strength will continue to grow, and mother earth is the best witness.

Of course, we haven’t really grown up yet. We’re not a powerful interstellar civilization. And human beings also need to rely on the earth mother to protect us. We can’t survive without the earth now, so the earth is very important for human beings now. The development of science and technology needs to be completed step by step, and it takes a long time.


However, with the rapid development of science and technology, human beings ignore the protection of the earth’s ecology and constantly destroy the earth’s environment. If the earth’s environment deteriorates rapidly and becomes unsuitable for human survival, human beings have not yet become a powerful interstellar civilization and have no ability to survive without the earth. At that time, human civilization may come to an end.

If the end of human civilization disappeared, then the ultimate fate of the earth can not be changed, billions of years later by the sun swallowed. It can be seen that if human beings want to change the ultimate destiny of the earth, we must first take good care of the earth’s environment, so that the earth has enough time to provide protection for human development.


If we continue to destroy the earth, in fact, we are constantly ending the future of mankind. One day, we will eat evil consequences. Therefore, all mankind should take action and put the protection of the earth’s ecology first. Only when everyone has a sense of environmental protection, our earth will be better and the future of mankind will be better.

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