When workers discovered the prehistoric iron pot 300 million years ago, did prehistoric civilization really exist?

Original title: before human beings, could there have been other industrial civilizations on the earth?

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The author’s note: when Xiaobian sat in front of the computer and wrote this passage, human civilization was experiencing an unprecedented era of change, and the amount of information produced per hour almost exceeded the total amount of information produced by human beings before the 19th century. This is an era of great change, an era of explosion of energy, quality and information. No one can predict what the future world will look like. Even in the past, we only know a little.


Liu Cixin, a well-known novelist in China, describes a prehistoric industrial civilization in his work the Devourer. Its predecessor is the dinosaurs on the earth. The long history of evolution not only makes them have a strong body, but also creates a splendid civilization. At the same time, they also master advanced technology. However, with the gradual deterioration of the earth’s environment, the earth is no longer suitable for their survival, so the whole civilization boarded the spaceship and became a wandering star ship civilization in the universe.

It seems absurd, but it is difficult to falsify. As Carl Sagan said: if human civilization is indeed the only intelligent civilization in the universe, it is undoubtedly a great waste of space. If the 13.8 billion years of the history of the universe is compressed into one year, and the birth of human beings is only 14 seconds, on this scale, all romantic things are possible.

In recent years, there is a very attractive saying in the mainstream scientific community


In today’s human dominated earth cycle, the climate change caused by industrial production is almost the same as the sudden rise of temperature in prehistoric times.

Gavin Schmidt, climate modeler and director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for space research, said: “these high temperatures, prehistoric heat peaks, are the origin of this study. Whether the warming is caused by human activities or natural, its characteristics are very similar

A typical example of this high temperature is the “Paleocene Eocene extreme heat event”, a 200000 year period that occurred about 55.5 million years ago, when the global average temperature increased by 5-8 degrees Celsius.


Adam frank, an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester, was thinking about this relationship when he visited Schmidt last year. Frank discussed the issue of global warming from the perspective of “astrobiology”, and also discussed whether the rise of alien industrial civilization on the other planet would lead to climate change similar to that seen in the human era of our earth. But before Frank was about to describe how to look for the effects of industrial civilization on the newly discovered planet’s climate, Schmidt asked a surprising question: “how do you know that we are the only civilization that affects our own planet?”

After thinking about it, Frank put forward another question as his answer

“Can we be sure that industrial civilization existed a long time ago?”


This is a thought-provoking problem, but it is also a very eye-catching IP.

The above relief of Maya’s Palenque sarcophagus is regarded by theorists as a strong evidence of ancient astronauts

The American history channel broadcast a science fiction documentary “Ancient Aliens” in early 2009, which was still updated until last year. The play lists a large number of evidence of prehistoric aliens visiting the earth, and thinks that human civilization has been more or less influenced by foreign civilizations in the process of development, trying to gradually verify the Ancient Astronaut theory.


This lengthy drama involves a series of abnormal archaeological conclusions, such as the ruins of India’s nuclear explosion, the images in cave murals, the prehistoric airplane runway site in Peru, and ancient Indian literature. There are many new ideas, but most of the time they are just trying to attract people’s attention and fool the audience. For example, they made a mysterious mirror image of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, then stitched it together to create an abstract “face of the Jedi warrior”, and then subjectively told people that it was Leonardo da Vinci who was suggesting the alien image. It’s not just fooling the audience, it’s fooling Leonardo. As a matter of fact, all wrinkled lines can get something similar to a face through image stitching, because the face is mirror symmetrical.

In addition, many domestic and foreign mainstream newspapers and periodicals will often appear similar appalling articles. An article entitled “a false belief that has deceived mankind for more than 100 years” once brushed countless people’s circle of friends. It is mentioned that: artificial hammers were found in the Cretaceous strata of Dezhou. After analysis, the purity of hammers is very high and stable, far exceeding the existing iron smelting technology; wooden handle of hammers The black part on the wall has been coalified, which means that the hammer was there when the rock was solidified. In 1912, employees of the Oklahoma electronics factory signed and confirmed the discovery of an iron pot that fell out of 300 million year old coal.

At present, the only known natural metals are gold, platinum and bismuth. Silver and copper can also be oxidized and rusted, and only a small amount of them exist. However, the chemical properties of iron are relatively active. Iron pots and hammers can be completely oxidized into ferric oxide and hydrogen in only a few hundred years.


Moreover, in places with coal, the original climate was warm and humid, and iron was more likely to rot in such an environment, so the hammers and pans with tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years were not credible.

In fact, we need archaeology to excavate the 5000 year old civilization. The large-scale geological changes and vicissitudes of the earth 50000 years ago, 500000 years ago and 50 million years ago have already destroyed the Industrial Relics of that time. However, being invisible does not mean that it does not exist, just as the scientific community still does not understand how modern people and apes are transformed.

But what about that? The charm of the universe is that human beings are in it, but they can’t see it clearly, and they have an infinite sense of powerlessness. But humans are obsessed with being controlled. I mourn the moment of my life and admire the infinity of the Yangtze River.


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