When you don’t know what to send on Qixi Festival, it’s already beginning to rain “Diamond rain”!

Diamond can be said to be one of the girls’ favorite gifts, especially inlaid in a delicate ring. On a special day, boys affectionately send it, which is absolutely romantic to the extreme, and it will definitely make girls unforgettable. As a natural mineral, diamond is a dazzling diamond after grinding. It is a kind of elemental crystal composed of carbon element formed in the deep earth under high temperature, high pressure and other conditions. The reason why diamonds are so valuable is that in order to get 1 carat of diamonds, at least 250 tons of ore must be mined and processed, and the rarity is the most expensive, which makes diamonds valuable. In fact, the amount of diamonds on the earth is very rare, which makes it a high market value. A small diamond ring can be sold at a high price, and it is very valuable for investment. It is said that there will be no pie in the sky, but there is such a place where there will be diamonds falling from the sky! Why?


In the journal Nature astronomy, an amazing new study was published: in extreme conditions, there will be diamond rain inside Uranus and Neptune! There are two typical “high cold” giant planets in the outer part of the eight major planets in the solar system. They are Uranus and Neptune, which are mixed with water, ammonia, methane and other substances. Moreover, with the effect of strong lightning, high temperature and high pressure, methane in the air of Saturn and Jupiter will turn into diamonds and fall, forming a diamond rain scene. According to the atmospheric data, the two gas planets are full of “bright” crystalline carbon, namely diamonds. Whether these diamonds can be collected by people is not known, but even if you want to collect them, you need a lot of manpower, material resources and expensive equipment. So scientists are trying to simulate the formation of diamond rain on these planets. Maybe by doing so, there will be a “Diamond rain” on earth.

The scientists used polystyrene, a plastic made from a mixture of hydrogen and carbon, to simulate compounds made from methane, which are also key components of Neptune and Uranus. The researchers created two shock waves to penetrate polystyrene and subject it to tremendous pressure and high temperature to simulate the extreme environment on the planet. Under these conditions, the hydrocarbon structure of polystyrene breaks, and almost all carbon atoms crystallize into nano diamond.


Although the diamonds formed are only a few nanometers, it is not difficult to imagine how big these diamonds with “bright crystal” planets should be! This research has brought us a lot of enlightenment. If we can realize Star Trek one day in the future, we should go to these planets and bring some diamonds back. I am afraid that by then, diamonds will have no precious value!


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