Where are aliens lurking to watch humans? The scientists gave an explanation and admitted that it was possible

Since the 20th century, human beings have been exploring the mysteries of the universe. Through the launch of satellites, launch vehicles, the operation of manned spacecraft, the construction of air stations and other links with the universe.

So why haven’t aliens been found so far? Where are aliens lurking to watch humans?


The theory of Aliens

Scientists have been studying intelligent creatures in the universe – aliens. There have been hypotheses about them since ancient times.

Although people in many places claim to have seen or contacted aliens, in the past 50 years of searching, experts have not found any conclusive clues about the existence of aliens.


Therefore, some scientists believe that the so-called contact between humans and aliens is actually a psychological effect, because the chance for humans to find them is very small, and even if they are found, it is difficult to have any contact with them.

But some scientists don’t think so. In such a large universe, it would be very strange if only intelligent life like human beings appeared.


The galaxy has been 13.7 billion years old since the big bang. In such a long time, there must be other civilizations on the planet that are more advanced than human civilization.

Panspermists believe that the origin of life is propagated by another planet around a star, and then life is spread to the earth.

Mathematicians have shown that there is sufficient evidence for the existence of life on other planets. As long as there is carbon and water on the planet, after hundreds of millions of years of the world, new life can be born.


So alien civilization exists. Maybe our technology is not enough. Since aliens are likely to exist, where are they? Where would you be lurking and monitoring people while refusing to be discovered or connected with them? The idea is a little scary.

Where are aliens lurking to watch humans?


Physicist Fermi once said: human beings have been observed by aliens. Many scientists think that it may be because humans have been monitored by aliens for a long time. Their civilization is much higher than ours. They know how humans explore their tracks, so they can better hide themselves.

Some scientists speculate that aliens may live deep underground or in the deep sea, because these two places may be the most mysterious places on earth for human beings, and they have not been able to explore them in depth.

Xiaobian believes in the existence of aliens, but if they are lurking somewhere to monitor us in order to achieve a certain purpose, it’s still creepy to think about it. We can only wait for scientists to uncover the secret, don’t you think?

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