Where are the four-dimensional creatures? They’re all around us. They’re powerful, but they can’t hurt people

I believe everyone has been exposed to sci-fi films. In film and television works, the director uses the sci-fi elements that challenge the vision, and makes us deeply feel the charm of sci-fi films, such as aliens, star wars, and the big bang. These scientific theoretical elements challenge the vision, although these sci-fi works are always vaguely involved in a kind of subtle expression Existence, that’s four-dimensional.


For example, we can see the description of aliens in some films and TV works. Aliens can fold space, launch Star Wars, and travel at the speed of light. Their ability is like God, which is actually the ability of four-dimensional creatures. For example, we can see that in Star Wars, the so-called time shuttle was developed, which can go back to the past and change the established things In fact, this is also a manifestation of four-dimensional biological ability.

Some people may wonder what is a four-dimensional creature and why it has such powerful capabilities? We can tell you very responsibly that the four-dimensional organisms are very powerful, and their power is beyond human imagination. Even if the existing scientific and technological power of human beings has increased 100 times, facing them, they are just as fragile as crushing an ant.


However, when it comes to four-dimensional creatures, we have to say that they live in four-dimensional space. This is the first time that Einstein put forward when he evolved the laws of the universe. He creatively combined three-dimensional space with one-dimensional time and put forward the concept of four-dimensional. In that mysterious world, it has more dimensions of time. Later, string theory rose again, which further expanded the thinking space In other words, the three-dimensional world is just a shadow of the four-dimensional world.


The gap between human beings and the four-dimensional world is just like the gap between human beings and two-dimensional plane paintings. No matter how fierce their actions are, the characters in a painting can never hurt three-dimensional human beings. Even if a two-dimensional human has the power to destroy the earth in the painting world, human beings still need only a mouthful to drown him. How does the four-dimensional world fight against human beings It’s the same thing. The technological power developed in the three-dimensional environment can’t hurt them even if it is magnified millions of times.

As Liu Cixin said, the three-dimensional world is like an unfolding picture in front of the four-dimensional world. They can see all our fragile structures, even the structures of molecules and atoms. Our consciousness is unreserved in front of them. The structure of our aircraft is an unfolding picture in their eyes. They can decipher the so-called technology of human beings with just a click.


It can be seen how powerful four-dimensional creatures are. Their cognitive structure and power are just like God. This kind of creature has been able to grasp space-time and use it as a tool for universal use. Human beings can’t imagine this power.


Scientists believe that the relationship between living things and human beings is similar to that between human beings and ants. Although ants are real, human beings can’t perceive them. Just like small human beings, they pour a cup of boiling water into the nest of ants, but ants can’t perceive human beings. Moreover, their theories can’t explain the reason for the generation of boiling water. Therefore, scientists still have a long way to go Jokingly, humans may never be able to detect their existence, because we can’t perceive them.

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