Where did hieroglyphs come from? The founder of the earliest civilization is considered to be an alien race

What is the origin of life? This is a question that can’t be answered across any era. Modern people racked their brains just to know that all matter is made up of particles, but why do these particles make up human beings, all kinds of creatures, planets and even the universe? No one can answer these questions.


As for the research and discovery of ancient civilization, scientists can only get a small amount of information through archaeological methods, so that we can have a preliminary understanding of the disappearing history. However, in the process of scientific research, we find that the emergence of many things has surpassed human cognition. Why do those things that do not belong to that era still appear? Some people think that they are the traces of alien civilization left on the earth. What is the fact?

So far, human beings are the most intelligent animals. They can freely use and even control nature to create what they want. But man is not the creator. Man cannot create life or nature. As for the origin of human beings, it is a big problem. Although most people think that human beings evolved from apes, why haven’t they evolved into adults yet? And where did the earliest human civilization come from and how did it develop? It may always be a mystery.


The earliest human civilization can be traced back to many civilized societies, such as ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient China, ancient India and so on. This ancient civilization has been handed down, making scientists very curious about it. When it comes to class I civilization, we have to mention a mysterious nation. In these ancient civilization countries, Sumerians are a race, which is said to be the oldest race. They ignited the first fire of human civilization.


The Sumerians created cuneiform characters, which represents the inheritance of culture for a nation, because only characters can make culture continue to spread. Second, the Sumerians’ achievements in mathematics can be said to be higher than modern mathematics. According to the remaining data on the site, scientists found that the Sumerians can calculate 4200 seventh power, which is an astronomical number. The somir people also have a super era understanding of astronomy, and their star map is almost the same as today’s, which is enough to show the somir people’s understanding of the universe beyond the earth.

Sumerian civilization is so developed, why now nothing? How far has their civilization developed? How does culture originate? What technology supports the development of civilization? Faced with great difficulties, some scientists boldly speculate that Sumerians are a race left behind in the alien race. Their civilization level far exceeds this, leaving only minor details. They even think that the Sumerians have been away from the earth for a long time, and may even have been taken away by aliens.


What’s more, what makes people think deeply is that there are still some civilized societies that have already formed systems. Why haven’t they been left behind for a long time? On the contrary, the faster the civilization develops, the faster it will die out. Only today’s mysterious relics and scattered records are left, and this is not just because of wars, viruses and other reasons, right?


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