Where did the disappearing Maya civilization leave too much advanced technology?

Where did the disappearing Maya civilization leave too much advanced technology?


After millions of years of evolution and evolution, human beings have finally shed their heavy hair and have the ability to walk, forming their own human civilization. So far, human beings have become the masters of the earth. According to the truth, it is very unlikely that such a weak creature as human beings can become the masters of the earth, but human beings have really done it. While exploring space, many scientists have been wondering whether there were many prehistoric civilizations before human civilization? The answer is yes.


Prehistoric civilization is more abundant than we think. Some prehistoric civilization completely disappeared in the long river of history, and some branches of prehistoric civilization still exist today. Among the numerous prehistoric civilizations, one of the most mysterious is the Maya civilization. It was born in 1500 BC. So far, there are still many architectural sites and writing techniques left by the Maya people on the earth, which once again put a mysterious veil on the Maya civilization. It is very special. The most important thing is that the living environment of the Maya people is completely different. Where did the disappearing Maya civilization leave too much advanced technology?


At that time, the Mayans had the ability to build objects. Take the Mayan Pyramid for example, it was completely different from the Egyptian pyramid. The top of the Mayan Pyramid showed a flat shape, which was more like the expression of a temple. Its main function was sacrifice. When experts studied it, they found traces of lime residue on the surface of the Mayan pyramids, which aroused people’s speculation. Perhaps at that time, the Mayans painted all the lime surfaces red.


It’s frightening to be such a smart Maya. No one would have thought that the Maya civilization, which has disappeared for such a long time, is so advanced that even today’s science and technology are hard to explain. Moreover, many of the objects left by the Maya civilization can not be completely copied by modern technology so far. Even if human civilization has reached its peak, it is difficult to reach the height of Maya civilization.


In the 8th century AD, it was the most glorious stage of Maya civilization. Someone once found a mysterious pool inside the Maya pyramid. After understanding, we know that it was carefully prepared by the Maya for snakes. In the Maya’s cognition, there are 18 months in a year, and each month is not 30 days, but 20 days. Plus five taboo days, it’s exactly 365 days today. Once the Maya had such a precise prediction, which fully shows that the Maya had a thorough understanding of the calendar.


It has a history of more than 2000 years, leaving a perfect working method and hierarchy. As for why they disappeared on the earth overnight, it is still an unsolved mystery. Some people think that it is the occurrence of natural disasters, such as the impact of asteroids, etc., while others think that the Mayans have never disappeared and have been hiding in a hidden corner of the earth, and human technology cannot find them What do you think is the reason for the disappearance of such an advanced Mayan civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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