Where did the earth’s early water come from? Scientists speculate that there may be three origins

The earth is not only the home of human survival, but also a beautiful blue life planet. From space, the earth looks like a beautiful blue glass ball. The reason why it presents this kind of scenery is related to the large amount of water resources on the surface of the earth. Water is the source of life. The early life of the earth was born in the ocean. Without water, there might not be the birth of life and human beings.

For us, water is a very common substance, it is everywhere, rain, snow, ice, rivers, lakes and seas, we can see water everywhere. But few people will think about such a question: “where does water come from?” Although ordinary people don’t think about it, scientists have been exploring the source of water in the early Earth.


If we want to trace the source of water in the early universe, we may have to start with the big bang. When the big bang happened, protons, neutrons and electrons were squeezed together at a high temperature of 10 billion degrees. In just a few minutes, two light elements, hydrogen and helium, began to take shape in a process called nuclear synthesis.

Heavier elements appear a little later, and light elements are synthesized by nuclear fusion in stars. With the passage of time, more and more heavy elements are born in stars, and various elements including oxygen are continuously sent into space to mix with lighter elements. At this time, hydrogen and oxygen molecules began to form water under certain conditions, which may be the origin of water in the universe.

Of course, the origin of water in the universe may not be directly related to the origin of water in the early stage of the earth. Water in the early stage of the earth may come from other ways. Scientists guess that there may be three origins. Let’s go to see which three possible origins are.


The first is from the impact of comets, which is also the one with the highest recognition of the origin of earth water in the scientific community. Scientists believe that there are a large number of water molecules in the universe, and these water molecules condense and attach to some celestial bodies far away from the stars. Such celestial bodies are called comets. Comets are like water carriers. They wander in the universe. When they approach a planet, they are pulled by the gravity of the planet and hit, then they bring water to the planet.

About 4 billion years ago, the earth’s surface was bombarded by millions of asteroids and comets. If you look at the craters on the surface of the moon, you can imagine what the earth was like. According to the theory, the asteroids and comets that hit the earth are not ordinary rocks, but “sponge like” things, in which water is released to the earth after hitting the earth’s surface.


Scientists have confirmed through observation that water does exist in asteroids and comets, especially comets. When they fly fast in the universe, the long tail behind them is a good proof. Some people may think that the amount of water in the earth’s oceans is so huge that asteroid and comet impacts alone may not provide enough water. But in fact, the amount of water on asteroids and comets may exceed our estimates.

Scientists have found that there is a lot of water in many moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Among them, Europa’s surface is covered by hundreds of kilometers of ice, under which there may be deeper liquid ocean. The water content of a Europa is more than that of the earth’s surface. In the early days of the solar system, Europa may have been a comet from outside the solar system. When it entered the solar system, it was attracted by Jupiter’s gravity and became its moon. Other satellites with large amounts of water may have been comets in the early days.

It can be seen that the water content of an asteroid or comet may be comparable to that of the earth now. However, the asteroids and comets that hit the earth 40 years ago may not be several, but many. They not only bring a lot of precious metal resources, but also rich water resources. Even the seeds of life may also be brought by comets.


The second is caused by the bombardment of oxygen inside the sun. For the origin of the earth’s early water, there is another theory in the scientific community that the earth was “bombed” by oxygen and other heavy elements formed inside the sun in its youth, and these oxygen elements gradually formed the earth’s oceans and oceans through a process called “degassing” and combined with hydrogen and other gases released by the earth Qi.

So is this possible? In theory, it is also possible to know that in the early days of the earth, the solar system was just formed and not very stable. At that time, the sun was also in its infancy. In the early days, the sun was very hot, the solar wind was much stronger than it is now, and the nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun was also very strong.


Therefore, it is very possible for the earth to be “bombed” by the sun’s oxygen and other heavy elements when it was young, but it is difficult to say whether this “bombing” can combine with the hydrogen and other gases released by the earth to form a large number of water resources.

The third is formed by the earth itself, and the last one about the origin of the earth’s early water is considered to be formed by the earth itself. In 2017, scientists calculated and simulated that the surface water may have formed in the deep mantle, and then came to the crust through crustal movement, forming the present ocean.

In many people’s view, the earth’s interior is a high temperature and high pressure environment, the mantle layer is impossible to have the existence of water. But in fact, through the continuous exploration and research of the earth’s interior, scientists have found that the water content in the earth’s interior is beyond our imagination. In the past, we thought that even if there was water in the earth’s interior, it would be in the crustal layer. However, new exploration has found that there is a great possibility that there are a lot of water resources in the mantle layer. Every year, a large amount of water flows into the earth’s interior, through the crust to the mantle, and finally through the crustal movement to the ground, forming a perfect water circulation system.


I believe many friends have heard that there was a global flood on the earth a long time ago, which is also called prehistoric flood. There are records and descriptions of this flood in many ancient documents on the earth. It may be deified in some records, but scientists believe that the prehistoric flood may have really happened.

If you want to cause global floods, the amount of water required is absolutely beyond imagination. Relying on surface water resources is unlikely to cause global floods, so where does the excess water come from? Some people think that it may have come from the deep mantle inside the earth. It is possible that a long time ago, due to the movement of the earth’s crust, a large number of water from the earth’s interior poured into the surface, which led to the occurrence of global floods. Later, the water flowed back into the earth’s interior, allowing the flood to subside.


If that’s true, then there may be a huge ocean inside the earth that we don’t know, and its water storage can’t exceed that of the surface. Of course, at present, this is only a guess. If you want to know whether there are huge water resources in the earth, you have to wait until the future technology is more advanced and can go deep into the mantle.

To sum up, although we do not know the origin of the earth’s early water, scientists have made great progress in its research and exploration. It is believed that in the near future, the origin of the earth’s early water will be clarified, which will help to improve human’s understanding of the universe. If we can find out the origin of water, it may be of great help for human beings to find and explore extraterrestrial life.

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