Where did the Mayans go after they disappeared? Scientist: they haven’t disappeared. They have integrated into modern life!

The earth is so big and there are so many civilizations. Apart from four ancient countries ancient India, ancient Egypt, Babylon and China, there is also the Maya civilization that disappeared “overnight”. But now some people say that the Maya civilization has not disappeared, but perfectly integrated into modern life. It’s really incredible. Are all the previous legends false?


Mayan civilization is one of the most important civilizations studied by scientists all over the world. It is mainly distributed in southeast Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize and other countries. Although they lived before the stone age, they have advanced civilization and have a lot of involvement in various fields.

As the oldest and most intelligent tribe, the Mayan civilization can be said to be named after the Indian Mayans. They are great civilizations developed independently of Asian, African and European civilizations. They originated in the 10th century B.C., and experienced three stages: pre classical period, classical period and late classical period, among which 3-9 century B.C. was the most prosperous.


Maya civilization is not only ancient, but also mysterious. This civilization belongs to the stone civilization. They have never used bronze and iron. Although they do not use copper, iron or wheels, they still have very exquisite construction technology, the most representative of which is the pyramid. In the eyes of ordinary people, pyramids are the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Why do mysterious pyramids also appear in America? In fact, the Mayan pyramids are related to sacrifice.


The main food of the Mayan people is different from that of China. We eat rice, but they eat very ecological corn, so it is also called “corn civilization”. They have no livestock and still use the most primitive Milpa farming method. In the stone age, they have adopted the mathematical “Twentieth system”, and also found and used the concept of “zero”, which has a highly civilized mathematical and cultural connotation They have invented their unique hieroglyphic, the Mayan script, which is much more complicated than the modern script!

In the past, the Mayan civilization was very prosperous. It developed agriculture, promoted population growth, and developed handicrafts. The handicrafts they made were used to exchange goods, which was the most primitive trade link. However, from the middle of the 7th century BC, the Mayan society began to decline. What is puzzling is that as the only ancient civilization born in the tropical jungle in the world, it has created miracles in all aspects, but its decline and demise are very mysterious.


However, the main reason for their decline is that they always give up the developed civilization, then migrate on a large scale, and the established cities are constantly abandoned. Finally, the prosperous big cities become very desolate, and finally disappear in the American continent “overnight”.


However, some people think that the demise of Maya civilization is only an illusion, they still exist and integrate into modern life. In fact, the original Mayans did lose their lives after various natural disasters and wars, but still 10% of them survived, that is to say, only 10% of them kept avoiding wars for survival. Today, more than two million descendants of Maya live in the lowlands of Guatemala, as well as in Mexico, Belize and Honduras. Although the descendants survived, the hieroglyphics, astronomy and other knowledge of Mayan civilization no longer exist.

Maya civilization did not form a very powerful ancient country, but a very scattered city-state, that is, such a city-state system eventually led to the decline of Maya culture! What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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