Where did the most primitive matter in the universe come from? Is it really out of thin air?

The universe is a dense, hot singularity that began to expand after the big bang 13.8 billion years ago, and everything in the universe has been born since then.

So where did the most primitive matter in the universe come from? Is it really out of thin air?


Plato, the great philosophical thinker of ancient Greece, once put forward a philosophical proposition: “who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? “

From a philosophical point of view, if you want to keep on asking all the problems of all things in the world, you can’t find an answer, and you will fall into a dead circle.

For example, as mentioned earlier, where did the most primitive matter in the universe come from? What is the origin of all things?


If everything comes from 0, then how does 0 come from? If we want to use philosophy to explain, then ultimately everything comes from “nothing” and comes from “nothing”, so as to avoid falling into a dead cycle.

What is “nothing”?


Some people think that at present, no one can give a perfect answer, and perhaps there is no final answer.

However, for “nothing”, you can understand it as “nothing, nothing” or “there will always be something”.

“Nothing” is “nothing” in general, but it may produce quantum fluctuations. In the void, there is a certain probability that virtual particles will be derived, and then disappear instantly. The universe is born in such a cycle of continuous derivation and disappearance!


According to the concept of quantum mechanics, no matter how small the probability of the event is, it is also possible to appear. This kind of virtual particle which is constantly derived and then disappeared has become the “rudiment” of the big bang of the universe!

What is a virtual particle?


Virtual particles, which exist in quantum mechanics and have measurable effects, were once considered as particles that can never be detected directly.

Virtual particle energy means that according to the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, the energy in the universe fluctuates around a fixed total value in a short time. The greater the fluctuation, the shorter the time. The particles generated from this energy fluctuation are virtual particles.

This kind of virtual particle can appear by temporarily “borrowing” energy. When the energy is restored, the virtual particle will instantly annihilate and return the energy to nothingness.


Suppose you believe in the big bang theory, then you have to believe in the concept of “out of nothing”.

Even if it’s hard to imagine that “nothing” can give birth to “being” in life, even if we think it sounds too mysterious, so mysterious that it’s unbelievable, even very ridiculous, contrary to our real life.


But you have to understand that the universe is so strange. Quantum mechanics itself is a complete subversion of the traditional theory.

If we do not interpret it by “making something out of nothing”, but use a certain substance to “create” the universe, then how does this “certain substance” come into being? Where did it come from? There will be no end to these problems and people will fall into a dead circle.

In fact, there is a similar thought in Tao Te Ching, that all things in the world are born in existence, and existence is born in nothingness! A few simple words have condensed profound philosophy!


Xiaobian thinks that maybe in the future we will have more incredible discoveries in the micro world than this.

Or maybe one day in the future, human beings can easily use energy to create the material they want. At that time, the civilization level of human universe will be upgraded and can get rid of many constraints.


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