Where did the sea water go at low tide? Is there a bottomless hole in the ocean?

People who have been to the sea know that there are tides rising and falling in the sea. When the tide rises and falls, the sea rises, the waves are rolling, and the scenery is spectacular. When the tide is low, the water quietly recedes, revealing a beach. Some curious friends may ask: when the sea is declining, where is the sea going? Will there be a “bottomless hole” for water storage in the Ocean Center? Next, I’ll tell you where the sea water is at low tide, but it’s still in the sea.


The total amount of sea water on the earth remains basically unchanged. The popular saying is that the ocean is a large reservoir on the ground, and the earth is spinning. When the water is exposed to the gravity of the moon, the tide will rise and fall. For example, you can see that at different times of the day, there are highs and lows. The tide is very high in this place, but you don’t know that other distant places may be the opposite, declining. It is because of this fluctuation that the sea water can be temporarily supplemented by the rising tide in other places, forming a trend and promoting the exchange of marine environment.


At high tide, not much water comes out. This is because the sea water in the coastal waters forms the tide of the earth’s waves under the gravity of the moon, so you can see the rising tide of the sea water. Let me give you an example. For example, if you have a large basin of water in your hand, when the water level in one place is high, the water level in other places is very low. The reasons for the fluctuation are very complex, mainly due to gravitational field and ocean current, as well as sponge airflow and other factors.


Taking the Qiantang River tide as an example, we know that the Hangzhou Bay at the Qiantang River estuary is a bell shaped estuary, which is becoming narrower and narrower. The sediment brought by the high tide forms a siltation at the bottom of the river, forming a sandbank, causing the tide. All actions are always relative, powerful and reactionary. The moon has tidal forces on the earth. Conversely, the earth also has tidal forces on the moon, so the interaction forces are equal.

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