Where do men and women on earth come from? Scientists give three explanations!

At the beginning of the earth, there was no sign of life. How was human born?


Since the birth of human beings, there are all kinds of mysteries on the earth. With the development of human civilization and relying on the power of high technology, many mysteries have finally revealed their answers. At the same time, there are still unsolved problems. For example, the mystery of the origin of human beings, where the first life on earth came from, and so on. These problems perplex scientists, which are difficult to solve, but still make people have a strong curiosity.


In the face of these unsolved problems, scientists make great efforts to find a reasonable explanation and understand the deepest secret. The origin of human beings is a familiar topic. Since the emergence of Darwin’s theory of evolution, the idea that human beings are ancient apes has followed one after another. The original ancestor of human beings is ancient apes. After a long period of evolution and evolution, we have this form. There’s another question. Where do the men and women on earth come from? Scientists have given three explanations for this problem. At the beginning of the earth, there was no sign of life. How was human born?


Three reasons for the birth of life on earth


First of all, human beings are bred from the earth, and there is no external relationship. In the early days of the earth, there was no vegetation or life. With the continuous changes of the times, the emergence of new species has added a trace of color to the earth. Among them, human beings have also appeared. The reason why men and women are divided is to better distinguish them, because men and women give birth to future generations, It has been passed on from generation to generation.


The second one is seen in textbooks, which is the ape. The fact that humans evolved from apes is well recognized. No matter in appearance or intelligence quotient, the genes of humans and apes are the closest. At the same time, there are many people who disagree with this view. There is no successful evolution of apes, no matter in artificial cultivation or natural growth. This view is somewhat deficient. Science is fastidious about the basis. Without finding any evidence, science is not optimistic Scientists can’t come to a conclusion easily either.


Finally, there is a saying which is most mysterious. Before the early days of the earth, there was no human being. Because of the intervention of an external force, it is possible that human beings were transferred from other planets and multiplied on the earth. Compared with the first two conjectures, the last one is too impractical. Many people think it is a kind of conjecture. Some scientists have done relevant experiments. If a monkey is fed in a cage and raised like human beings, will they evolve the same living habits as human beings? The results were unexpected.


Even after a few decades, monkeys still have no obvious changes, which just shows that the evolution of an organism, regardless of the length of time, is difficult to see the results. It may take hundreds or thousands of years to reach the present human face. All these problems need to be solved. There has never been an exact answer to the mystery of the origin of human beings. Scientists can only speculate on the basis of existing knowledge. Where do you think the first person on earth came from? You can leave a message for interaction.

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