Where is Jinsong ghost house? Does Jinsong ghost house really have ghosts

Jinsong ghost house ghost rumors originated in 1984, formerly known as Jinsong community, was once one of the capital’s large residential. The building is of European architectural style and looks like a high-end western style residential area.

But it’s hard to imagine that about 20 years ago, it was the largest mass grave in Beijing, and the rumor of being haunted also came from it.


In the beginning, a family surnamed Li lived behind Jinsong ghost house. Every night, they could hear the sad cry. There was no one in the building, but there were little lights in the building. The people in the corridor also flashed, just like the rhythm of a horror movie.

Neighbors can often hear a lot of people chatting, playing and children crying, but when they open the door and look out, there is no one around. As a result, only a few residents have moved out because of fear, and Jinsong community has completely become Jinsong ghost house.


Since then, people who have passed here or come to the places where they used to live have seen some similar but different strange pictures. For example, a woman with long hair standing in front of the door with her back to her, suddenly the corridor lights up, and there are blue flames and terrible cat calls in the building.

All the explorers, or those who have doubts about this place, are frightened.


Rumors of being haunted spread, and more people came with curiosity. Then the government had to come forward to investigate the matter, so experts and scholars in various fields came here to refute the rumor, and there was no ghost thing at all.

Although there are many scientific explanations and the government encourages people to move back, many people still dare not move back. Even some residents invited the mage to come to practice. Up to now, the rumor of being haunted is almost no longer new, and we seldom mention it.

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