Where is the Atlantis site? Maybe not in the sea, but in this mysterious area!

Scientists find new clues, Atlantis ruins may not be in the sea, no wonder not!


Everyone must have seen the movie “Sea King”. In many plots, there is a kingdom involved, that is Atlantis. Many people agree that the kingdom of Atlantis lives on the bottom of the sea, which is an area that human beings can’t step on. We often hear a lot of rumors about the remains of Atlantis, and so far there is not enough evidence to confirm its existence.


Atlantis is very mysterious, which contains too many secrets for us to explore. Unfortunately, its history is too long, and there is very little possibility to really find it. Some scientists believe that because there used to be a river around the pyramid, the river will gradually become a desert with the movement of the plate. It is very likely that Atlantis did not sink on the bottom of the sea, but in another place One place is desert, which has caused a lot of controversy in the scientific community. Scientists find new clues, Atlantis ruins may not be in the sea, no wonder not!


Strangely enough, a scientist once found a giant eye in the Sahara desert of Africa. This giant eye is very complete. It not only has eyelashes, but also pupils and pupils. It looks like it’s real. Staring at it all the time will make people panic, so some experts call it the eye of the Sahara. When you look down from the sky, it is more like a human eye.


When comparing Atlantis in Utopia, scientists found again that this eye was roughly consistent with the description, so scientists speculated that it was most likely the site of Atlantis. Plato also described Atlantis in his lifetime. He believed that Atlantis was located in the ocean and close to the Strait of gibraltarian in Europe. According to the location recorded by Plato, someone simulated it with a computer and found that there was an island under the sea, which was desolate and uninhabited, with no trace of human habitation. This is very likely to be Atlantis. As for why Atlantis disappeared, scientists are also deeply thinking about it.


Some scientific studies have shown that its disappearance is likely to be a global disaster, causing all roads to be submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. This disaster is very dangerous, including the earthquake and tsunami, so the surrounding areas are all in the dark. It can be seen how harmful this disaster is. With the movement between the plates, the sea has become a desert. Maybe the site of Atlantis is in the Sahara desert. If it’s not here, how can the giant eye explain it?


In addition, it is also recorded in historical books that all the stones around Atlantis are black. Coincidentally, there are also such black stones near the eye of the Sahara, which is too coincidental. Maybe the legendary Atlantis site is in the Sahara desert. Science is very rigorous. If there is no definite evidence, scientists dare not speculate. Where do you think the Atlantis site is? You can leave a message for interaction.

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