Where is the earth in the universe exposed? Every way of exposure drives scientists crazy

The “black forest rule” in the novel “three bodies” is not strange to anyone who has read this novel. The so-called “black forest rule” means that there is only one forest in the whole universe. There are countless hunters living with guns in this forest. Once two hunters meet, what they need to do and the only thing they can do is to destroy each other immediately. Therefore, all the hunters in this forest are very careful to survive For fear of losing his life.

For us to understand this theory, that is, once the position of our earth is exposed, it is very likely to encounter other advanced civilizations in the vast universe, and the earth will suffer a devastating blow.


From the logical point of view, “Black Forest Law” is in line with the current situation of our universe. After all, every life with wisdom can be divided into good and bad. In addition, the scale of the universe is very large, and there is little possibility that different civilizations can communicate with each other. This means that it is the best way to protect ourselves before we know whether the other is good or evil.

If the “Black Forest Law” is really established in the real universe, we may have a question: has the position of the earth been exposed in the universe?

In fact, according to the current situation, it is unlikely that the earth will be exposed. But everything is possible, and don’t be too happy too soon, because the location of the earth’s exposure is an inevitable thing, and the length of time is an uncertain factor.


Some people may think that Voyager 1 or Voyager 2 exposed the position of the earth, but after careful analysis, they did not play any role in promoting this event.

Even Voyager 1, which is more and more distant from the earth, will take more than 300 years to fly to the Oort cloud, which still belongs to the solar system.


If you want to fly out of the solar system completely, it may take another 30000 years. During this period, even if there are aliens visiting the solar system, the chance of meeting is very low, because its volume is too small compared with the universe.

It is not the various probes launched into space by humans that are really likely to expose the earth’s position. There are also three ways in which the earth’s position is most likely to be exposed.

The first is radio signals


Our earth has been surrounded by radio signals since Marconi sent out the first transatlantic radio in 1901.

And this is also the best way to expose the human earth. Every day, countless radio signals fly to the universe at the speed of light. So far, various radio waves have formed a sphere about 230 light-years in diameter.


The second is the discovery of alien search

If extraterrestrial signals can be searched by human beings, then aliens on the other side of the universe must have mastered this technology. Even if they don’t receive radio signals, they can still search the earth through the Doppler shift caused by the mass of the earth.

We also have to understand that no matter how they search the earth, they can’t determine the civilization on the earth by calculation.


Just like the Kepler telescope of human beings, although we have searched a lot of “super earth” so far, no planet is really suitable for human habitation!

The third kind of observer in four dimensional space


Although we are not sure whether there is a high-dimensional space, the mathematical model clearly tells us that there are higher dimensions in the universe than us.

But it’s very easy to detect low latitudes from high latitudes. Maybe when you and I read this article, there is a God’s perspective observer looking at you and me, but we can’t feel it, because we can’t touch the high latitude.

But don’t be afraid. After all, the position of the earth has not been revealed, and the four-dimensional space is beyond the jurisdiction of our science.


Finally, I think that even if there are other advanced civilizations, if human beings do not break through the speed of light or take the initiative to go out of the solar system, it will be very difficult for other civilizations to find the earth civilization! What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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