Where is the high dimensional space? How do we get into high dimensional space? Scientists have come up with a way

The 20th century is a great century, because in this century, some great scientists were born, such as Einstein, Tesla and so on. The birth of great scientists also gave birth to some great theories that have a profound impact on human beings, such as Einstein’s mass energy equation and relativity.

Now it is 2020, which is the 20th spring and autumn of the 21st century. In the first 20 years of last century, some great scientific theories such as the theory of relativity were born. What kind of great scientific theories will appear in the 21st century? In fact, strictly speaking, there is no new great theory in the 21st century.

Although the research and exploration of quantum mechanics has entered a new stage in the 21st century, the theory of quantum mechanics is not born in the 21st century, it is also the product of the last century. In addition to quantum mechanics, there is a more mysterious scientific theory in the 21st century, which many physicists continue to explore and study. This theory is string theory.


Many people may not have heard of string theory, which is a branch of theoretical physics. A basic point of string theory is that the basic unit of nature is not dot like particles such as electrons, photons, neutrinos and quarks, but very small linear “strings”. Different vibrations and motions of strings produce different basic particles.

String theory is a great theory which is very mysterious and subverts the existing physical system. At present, there is no way to prove whether this theory is correct. So string theory is only a conjectured scientific theory at present. If it is proved in the future, it may surpass relativity and become the greatest theory in the history of human science.

String theory sounds like science fiction, which is hard for many people to understand. In fact, we should not think it too complicated. The greatest thing about string theory is that it tells us that the universe is not one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional. I believe many friends have heard of multi-dimensional cosmology, that is, some scientists guess that our universe may be composed of eleven dimensions.

The foundation of multidimensional cosmology is string theory, which is a product of string theory. With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more scientists begin to support multidimensional cosmology. We think that the universe is multidimensional, and there is a high-dimensional space above the three-dimensional space where we live, and the dimension above the three-dimensional space is the four-dimensional space.


According to multidimensional cosmology, the space we live in is a three-dimensional space, that is, a space composed of length, width and height. The so-called four-dimensional space is to add a dimension of time on the basis of three dimensions, that is, the four-dimensional space is composed of length, width, height and time.

For the definition of four-dimensional space, an important factor is time. Time is the most mysterious element in the theory of space-time. Up to now, scientists have a certain understanding of space, but they still know nothing about time. Although we deal with time every day, the definition of time in the human world is only the product of human subjective consciousness, that is to say, time in our cognition is only the definition of human itself, which is not the essence of time.

Time is a kind of invisible and untouchable thing, so it is difficult for us to explore the essence of time through experiments. Although we can’t see and touch time, we can feel the existence of time. This is similar to human consciousness. We can’t see or touch consciousness, but consciousness is real.


Why can’t you see or touch time in three-dimensional space? We didn’t understand it in the past, but maybe we will understand it after the emergence of the multidimensional cosmology proposed by string theory. Because in the three-dimensional space, time is an invisible existence, it is not a dimension, can not really show. This is just like in two-dimensional space, only length and width, height is an invisible existence.

If there is intelligent life in two-dimensional space, they can’t see or touch the height, but they can really feel the existence of height. The reason is that height is something in three-dimensional space. Only in three-dimensional space can height be displayed in a specific form. In the same way, in the four-dimensional space, time becomes a specific dimension, and it will be displayed in a specific form.

So, when we enter the four-dimensional space, you can see that time is not just the present, but the past and the future are in the same space. If not, let’s give another very simple example. We can imagine different times as three-dimensional boxes. In the four-dimensional space, there are countless three-dimensional boxes, each box represents a period of time.

When we walk into different boxes, we can see the fate of a person at different times, such as the boxes of past time and future time. These boxes of different time periods exist together in the four-dimensional space, and they do not intersect with each other. However, we can shuttle through different boxes, past and future, and on different time lines.


I believe many friends yearn for four-dimensional space, so how do we get into high-dimensional space? If we can enter the high-dimensional space, we will master the past, present and future of time, and we will be able to shuttle on the time line. What a wonderful journey of time and space.

However, scientists can’t think of a specific way to enter the high-dimensional space, but some scientists have proposed a possible conjecture, that is, human dreams may be a hub connecting three and four dimensions. I believe we are not strangers to dreams. People will have many dreams in their lives. Some dreams may be familiar to us, but some dreams are very strange to us.

For dreams, the scientific community has different explanations. Some people think that it is an activity of the human cerebral cortex, which is nothing strange. Some people think that dreams are an activity of human consciousness, but few people think that dreams can’t be something bigger? There are many mysteries in human dreams. From ancient times to the present, the exploration and research of dreams have never been interrupted.


In ancient times, people explored dreams from the perspective of God, while modern people explored dreams through scientific methods. In Xiaobian’s opinion, dream is a kind of behavior of human consciousness, which is a high probability event, but what is consciousness? It’s another big mystery.

Human consciousness is a very mysterious and complex thing. If the universe is a multi-dimensional space, will consciousness be able to cross different dimensional spaces? It’s totally possible. It’s possible that the human body can’t pass through more than four-dimensional space. Only pure energy mysterious things like consciousness can pass through the dimensional wall and enter into four-dimensional space from three-dimensional space.

When consciousness enters the high-dimensional space, it can shuttle in different time lines and move back and forth in different three-dimensional time boxes. And the scene of this activity appears in the form of a dream. Therefore, some people will dream about the scene of the past, which may be that consciousness has entered the time line of the past. And some people are aware of the future time line, and the dream presents the future scene, so we feel very strange. Until the future happens, we have a sense of deja vu.

If dreams really enter the entrance of four-dimensional space, how will scientists open the door? This is a question worth thinking about. And dreams are beyond our control. If scientists find a way to control dreams in the future, does that mean that we can also control dreams to enter four-dimensional space and explore selectively on different time lines? If such technology is really realized, perhaps mankind will enter a new era and become a more advanced life and a more powerful civilization. We are looking forward to that day.


Guys, do you think high dimensional space exists? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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