Where is the horror of quantum consciousness? Proving that “human beings” exist in multiple universes is explicitly prohibited

Einstein has a famous saying that “the end of science is theology”, which is not groundless. Just like the phenomenon of quantum consciousness in quantum mechanics, it can not be explained by science, but quantum consciousness has become the basis of explaining the phenomenon of consciousness in the brain, that is, to explain science perfectly with metaphysics, which may be the reason why quantum consciousness is forbidden.


Why is quantum consciousness forbidden?

According to the normal process, a person’s life is only once, and no one can avoid birth, aging and death. However, in the theory of quantum consciousness, human body is only a storage tool. The real control of human body is the quantum consciousness in the brain, that is, our “soul”.


American scientists believe that consciousness is in the microtubule of neurons in the brain, because anesthetics can make people lose consciousness, and the position where anesthetics act is this microtubule.


They think that when people are on the verge of death, the quantum consciousness in the microtubule will disappear, but this disappearance is not a real disappearance, but a return to the universe, just like quantum entanglement, which will be connected with another consciousness far away.

Although for most people, quantum consciousness can not be understood. After all, we are not very clear about what is in the universe. After all, it is something illusory. But in fact, quantum consciousness is also an illusory existence, which is also a kind of speculation. What’s more, some scientists believe that the existence of multiple universes, that is, the death of human beings, is nothing more than the transfer of quantum consciousness from one body to another.


The existence of multiple universes can also be regarded as the reincarnation of human beings. If you die in one universe, another universe will absorb your consciousness and continue to exist. It also shows that there is no heaven or hell in this world. There are only innumerable universes, so that quantum consciousness can continue indefinitely. In this way, it can be said that the real “human” itself is immortal, and it is only this skin bag that decays.


Quantum consciousness proves the existence of soul

Whether the soul really exists has always been questioned, but if we use consciousness to explain it, everything makes sense. Because scientists equate soul and consciousness, they think they are the same thing, and they can be explained by quantum mechanics, which is called quantum consciousness.


But this theory holds that quantum will never disappear and will always exist in the world. In other words, the consciousness will not dissipate after death, and the soul has been wandering in every corner of the world.


Is quantum consciousness pseudoscience?

Quantum consciousness is clearly stated that it does not belong to the category of science. Although quantum consciousness is not verifiable, it is experiential. Although the quantum consciousness hypothesis is not accepted, it can well explain some quantum mechanical phenomena.


Others think that quantum consciousness is an idealistic pseudoscience, just as many people have seen or experienced out of body. Even if this kind of thing is true, no one will believe it. After all, it is not recognized, so quantum consciousness will be banned. After all, this theory is a bit anti-human. But concept is only concept, we should live in the present!


Quantum consciousness thinks that there are a large number of entangled electrons in the brain, and consciousness is generated from the periodic collapse of the wave function of these electrons. The collapse of wave function will change uncertainty into certainty. That is to say, consciousness can change the objective world, which plays an important role in explaining brain function, and also confirms the saying at the beginning that “theology is the end of science”.

Even though quantum consciousness can not be recognized by the scientific community, it puts forward a bold direction and makes us think a lot about it. What do you think of quantum consciousness? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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