Where is the Maya civilization, which has left its ruins in advance, now disappearing?

Where is the Maya civilization, which has left its ruins in advance, now disappearing?


It is millions of years since the birth of human beings in the universe. If we calculate it carefully, experts can not calculate the real time of the birth of human beings. In this period of history, human beings have developed and evolved for a long time, and there are many branches during this period, so they have now. Some of them have disappeared in the long history, while others have been preserved to this day. In the process of human development, scientists have been exploring the mysterious prehistoric civilization.


Everyone must have heard of the Mayan civilization. It has a long history. It was born in 1500 BC. Human beings can only judge the living habits of the Mayan people through the architectural sites left by the Mayan civilization or other excavated materials. Many architectural sites left by the Mayan people are covered with mystery. Where is the Maya civilization, which has left its ruins in advance, now disappearing?


For example, the Maya pyramid has a unique technology and living environment, which is more than 3500 years ago After careful study, experts also found traces of lime residue on the surface of the Mayan pyramids. Perhaps at that time, the Mayan people painted all the lime surface red, which made people feel scared to have such advanced civilization.


In the 8th century, it was the most glorious stage of Maya civilization, and almost no civilization could reach the height of Maya civilization. According to the Maya, there are 18 months in a year, 20 days in each month, and there are five taboo days, which add up to 365 days today. From this point alone, we can see that the Mayan calendar calculation is very accurate.


In addition, the Mayans also think that 52 years is a reincarnation, and the buildings they left behind are very distinctive. It is not difficult to find that the Mayan pyramids are stacked layer by layer, and the interval between each layer is 52 years. The glory of the Mayan civilization is the goal that human civilization can not achieve. Although they have completely disappeared, they have left perfect hierarchical system and working methods. Such a brilliant civilization is rare. As for why they disappeared overnight on the earth, it has always been a mystery It’s an unsolved mystery, and scientists never stop looking for the real reason why they disappeared.


There are too many mysterious things left by the Maya people. These things arouse the curiosity of human beings to explore and keep a strong curiosity about the unknown things. Only in this way can we have the possibility of revealing secrets. The advance of Maya civilization is beyond the understanding of modern human beings. If Maya civilization still exists, maybe there is no human civilization at all. What do you know about Maya civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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