Where is the origin of life on earth? Is it the earth itself or the universe?

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Since the birth of mankind millions of years ago, there is an eternal question in human mind, that is, where does life on earth originate? Some people may think that the study of the origin of life began when human beings entered the era of science and technology.

But in fact, since the day of the birth of human beings, some people have been discussing the origin of life. Although people in ancient times had this question, they did not know where to start. Moreover, at that time, they were still in a very primitive period of civilization, and they did not know much about the world. Only then did they have the legend that God created the world and created life.


In ancient times, the myths and legends that God created life and Nuwa created human beings are human’s curiosity and thinking about the origin of life. However, in that period, without the help of science and technology, there was no science for reference and research, so we could only attribute everything we didn’t know to God’s creation.

With the continuous development and progress of human civilization, hundreds of years ago, we finally entered the era of science and technology. With the help of science and technology, human beings have really begun to explore and study life. However, it is not easy to find out the origin of life in a year. It goes far beyond the study of nuclear fusion, antimatter and dark matter.

At present, human beings only know that life will continue to evolve. Now complex life, including human beings, is evolved step by step from primitive simple life. What’s more, we still don’t know about life. We don’t know where it originated. We don’t know what the evolution of life is like?

When talking about the origin of life before human beings go out of the earth, many people think that life should be bred by the earth itself. However, with the help of science and technology, when mankind stepped out of the earth and saw the vast universe, some people thought that the life of the earth might come from the universe.


The earth is the home of mankind. In the eyes of mankind, it is vast. But when we walk out of the earth and stand in space to see the earth, you will find that the earth is as small as dust in the face of the vast Milky way, but if we put the earth in the whole universe, it may be as small as a cell, far smaller than a grain of dust. Such a small earth can give birth to life, the birth of human beings, so vast, I do not know how big the universe, nature can not only have the earth this life planet.

So how did life on other living planets originate? Although the life forms on earth and other living planets may be very different, their origins may have many things in common. If life on earth originated from the universe, then life on other living planets may also originate from the universe.

Therefore, if we uncover the origin of life on earth, we will be able to uncover the origin of life on other living planets in the universe. According to the theory of cosmic life, the seeds of life may have been born on some special asteroids. These asteroids hit the earth and sowed the seeds of life on the earth, which led to the emergence of early simple life.


However, the earth gestating theory holds that the earth encountered a large number of asteroids in its early stage, which brought different elements to the earth, especially the birth of a large amount of water, which created important conditions for the birth of life. It was under the influence of various comprehensive conditions that the early simple life appeared on the earth, and then after a long period of evolution, the later complex life and the birth of human beings came into being.

The above two theories about the origin of life all have their own theoretical basis. Careful thinking and analysis seem to have some truth. However, we know that the origin of life on earth can only be one of the two. There is no definite answer as to whether it is the earth itself or the universe.

If human beings want to really solve the mystery of the origin of life, they need to work together in two aspects. One is to solve the mystery of life itself. We all know that life is formed by various tissues and organs from a macro point of view, but after entering the micro world, we will find that the core of life is actually genes. Whether it is other animals or human beings, all external performance and behavior are closely related to genes.

Only when we have solved the mystery of gene can we really understand what life is? At that time, we may be able to find the mystery of evolution and the origin of life from genes. Of course, this process is extremely long. Although scientists have been studying and exploring genes for decades, we only know the secrets of genes. We can’t touch the real core secrets, and it will take a very long time to do so.


Once human beings reveal the secrets of genes, they will have a comprehensive understanding of life. At that time, human beings may usher in a new round of unnatural evolution. We can artificially change some gene sequences through gene technology, so as to achieve a qualitative leap in human physical quality and enter the superhuman mode. At that time, it was possible that humans could survive in space for a period of time without wearing space suits.

On the other hand, it is the exploration of extraterrestrial life. Scientists believe that extraterrestrial life exists, but human science and technology can not find them. Perhaps in the solar system, there are other living planets, but these alien life does not exist on the surface, but in the interior of the planet or under the thick ice.

As long as we have advanced space technology, we can freely access the planets in the solar system. At that time, it may not be difficult to find extraterrestrial life. As long as we can find more extraterrestrial life and explore the origin of life on other living planets, we may also be able to find some clues about the origin of life.


In any case, life can be said to be the most mysterious thing among the countless things born since the big bang. Some people may think that the expansion of the universe and the origin of the universe are the biggest secrets of the universe, but Xiaobian thinks that the birth of life is the most mysterious thing in the universe, and it may be the real ultimate mystery of the universe.

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