Where might extraterrestrial civilization hide? Scientists speculate that the center of the galaxy may be a gathering place of civilization

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59 years ago, with the help of science and technology, human beings finally walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. When we see the vast universe, an eternal topic appears, that is, does extraterrestrial life and alien civilization exist? If so, where would they hide?

I believe that many people will not doubt the existence of alien civilization when they see the vastness. Although we firmly believe that the probability of alien civilization exists, we still need to find the evidence of the existence of alien civilization in order to make it come true. Extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization are totally different concepts. We may find extraterrestrial life in the near future, but it may be very difficult to find extraterrestrial civilization.


With the continuous progress of human space science and technology, the expansion of the scope of exploration and the continuous improvement of the understanding of life, scientists speculate that in addition to the earth, there may be some simple life on other planets in the solar system, such as Mars, Jupiter and some satellites of Saturn. In particular, these satellites, which were ignored by us in the past, are covered by a large amount of ice. Under the thick ice, there may be liquid ocean, in which there may be life.

If there is extraterrestrial life in the solar system, we believe that it will not be long before we make a major discovery. However, for extraterrestrial civilizations like human beings, it is unlikely that there will be a second civilization in the solar system. Therefore, if we want to find an alien civilization, we can only find it outside the solar system. To do this, we need to have the ability to get out of the solar system, which requires the speed of the spacecraft and the life support system.

If we can not achieve the most basic sub light speed flight technology and simulated gravity technology, we will not be able to explore outside the solar system, and naturally it is unlikely to find alien civilization. Of course, even if we can get out of the solar system one day, it will be very difficult to search for alien civilization. We need to know that the diameter of the Milky way is 160000 light-years. With such a vast range, even if we fly at superluminal speed, it will be very difficult for us to explore the whole galaxy.


Since we can’t explore the whole galaxy, where is the most likely place for civilization? It is impossible for us to explore aimlessly. There must be a direction, which is the center of the galaxy. Scientists speculate that there may be a gathering place of civilizations near Yinxin. Why do they say that?

Many people may know that the center of the Milky way is an extremely bright region. The main reason for its brightness is that there are too many stars gathering here. It can be said that the star density in the center of the Milky way is more than ten million times that in other regions. In addition to a large number of stars, there is a supermassive black hole in the center.

It may be said that there is a supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, where the gravity must be very strong, and the stability and safety of space is far less than that far away from the center. How can there be a living planet or even a civilized planet in such a location? Yes, within the range near the center of the galaxy, because it is too close to the central black hole, it is unlikely that there will be a living planet.


Although the possibility of living planets near the center of the galaxy is very small, the possibility of alien civilization is very high. Maybe many people will say, aren’t you talking about inconsistencies? In fact, it’s not contradictory at all. The alien civilization I’m talking about here was not born near the center of the galaxy, but came from every corner of the galaxy.

I believe many people understand that the development of civilization is inseparable from resources. Moreover, with the rapid development of civilization, the demand and quality of resources will become greater and greater. When the resources of a civilized parent planet are consumed, if we want to continue to develop, we need to exploit and apply space resources. In space resources, asteroids and other planetary resources must be exploited. Of course, the exploitation of asteroids and other planetary resources is only the demand of first-class civilization.

Once the level of civilization is upgraded to level 2, these traditional resources can no longer meet the needs of the development of civilization, so more powerful energy is needed at this time. And the more powerful energy in the universe is naturally stellar energy. The star itself is a huge nuclear fusion reactor, in which the energy is very huge. I believe that once the strength of any civilization is enhanced to a certain extent, it will not let go of the exploitation and application of stellar energy.


Scientists suspect that the Dyson sphere is a man-made device that can orbit a star and absorb energy continuously. With the continuous improvement of civilization, the demand for stellar energy is also increasing. However, although the number of stars in the universe is too large to be estimated, their distance is more than several light years.

Take the Milky Way Galaxy for example. There are hundreds of billions of stars, but the density of most areas is very low. For example, the distance between the sun and the leading star is 4.2 light years. Because the distance between stars is too large and too scattered, it brings many disadvantages to the energy exploitation of civilized stars. In order to mine stars more efficiently, we need to find a very dense region of stars, which is only the center of the Milky way.

Due to the existence of supermassive black holes in the center of the galaxy, a large number of nearby stars keep approaching it. For a long time, countless stars of various masses have gathered here. As long as we can reach the silver center, there will be no lack of stars, which is very important for the development of a civilization. Some people may have said, did alien civilization arrive at the center of the galaxy just to exploit the energy of the stars?


Of course not. In fact, it’s the supermassive black hole that really attracts civilization at the center of the galaxy. I believe that any civilization out of the parent star, explore the universe, will have a strong interest in black holes. Any civilization wants to really uncover the mystery of the black hole. The more powerful a civilization is, the more it may attach importance to the universe.

Scientists have too many guesses about a black hole, one of which is that it might be a wormhole. If this conjecture is correct, then if the civilization in the galaxy wants to leave the galaxy and go to other large galaxies, it must go to the galactic center. Even if the black hole is not the wormhole that scientists guess, there must be complex and mysterious spatial laws around and inside the black hole.

The super gravity of black hole itself is a kind of energy more powerful than stars. When civilization develops to a higher level, the energy of stars may not be able to meet the needs. At this time, using the energy of black hole may become a choice. It can be seen that the galactic center is the focus of civilization, whether in terms of energy exploitation or scientific research.


When a civilization has the ability to fly faster than light, it will probably go to the center of the galaxy to explore. Therefore, it is possible that there are various powerful civilizations in the galaxy gathered here. When human beings have the ability to fly faster than light one day in the future, we believe that we will not give up the exploration of Yinxin. At that time, we will also go to Yinxin.

If this conjecture is correct, there may be a large number of civilizations gathering near every supermassive center in the universe. Of course, the civilization that can be close to the black hole must be a powerful civilization in the universe. With the current technology of human beings, we can only make some very fuzzy observations of the black hole through the astronomical telescope.

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