Where will mankind go in the future? Scientist: human beings may break away from the body and become the conscious body

Despite the vastness of the universe, the earth is still our only home. But the only one doesn’t mean eternity. The earth will not be the permanent home of human beings. Before the appearance of human beings, five species on the earth have already warned us that if human beings want to exist forever, they must leave the earth and find a new home in the universe. Of course, the solar system is also unreliable. Although we are most likely to get Mars immigrants now, in another 5 billion years, the sun will be at the end of its life, and it will no longer be a hotbed for human survival. So where will the future of mankind go?


Abraham, a scientist at Harvard University, told us that in about two billion years, the sun will become hotter and hotter. Even if there is no mass extinction before that, the earth is no longer suitable for human habitation. Moreover, as the sun enters the middle and later stages of life, the light of the sun will become brighter and brighter, and all kinds of radiation will become stronger and stronger. Not only will the earth be scorched, but also the atmosphere and ocean will not exist, and life will no longer appear on the earth, and it is difficult to achieve biological reproduction. If humans can’t fly off the earth before that, then we will be the first to die.

Since the late solar supernova explosion may spread to other surrounding galaxies, we should not only leave the solar system completely, but also stay as far away as possible. Centaurus will no longer be our territory, and we can find another home at least dozens of light-years away. However, the problem is that neither human life nor human speed is enough to support us to reach this planet. Therefore, the first thing we need to do now is to find a shortcut in the universe – wormhole, or realize the speed of light flight, so that we can see the hope of the future.


But there are a large number of people on the earth. Even if we find another earth, we will not be able to achieve global migration, and it is totally impossible to build a spaceship that can accommodate billions or even more people. Is it possible to roam the earth? It’s obvious that this method doesn’t work. Science fiction is science fiction, and everything in science fiction can’t be seen in reality.


Abraham, a scientist, thinks that maybe in the future we can create a new earth in the universe through gene replication, or a new home very similar to the earth. As we’ve seen in many science fiction movies, humans carry living fire to another planet and inject life into other planets. However, in this way, only a few people can survive, and most of the rest may not be able to leave, only on the earth waiting for the sun to destroy that day.

Of course, we don’t need to be too pessimistic, and a positive attitude is more important than anything. After all, we still have billions of years to go. Before that, maybe human technology has developed into an unrivalled super civilization, and we are no longer bound by a series of things such as longevity and health, or we have successfully discovered and used wormholes to realize Star Trek at will, just as it is now convenient for us to travel around the earth.


Another possibility is that in the future, human beings will no longer be bound by the physical body, and everyone will break away from the physical body and become a conscious body, which is also recognized and yearned by many scientists. Human beings will eventually evolve into a state. At that time, we only need a supercomputer to accommodate all of us on the earth, and we can realize the real freedom of coming and going in the universe.


OK, guys, what do you think human beings will be like in the future? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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