Where will the black hole go? Scientists speculate that it may be the gateway to the parallel universe

Where will the black hole go? Scientists speculate that it may be the gateway to the parallel universe

A black hole is a strange product. It may be the unfathomable king of the universe, or the vortex of another universe. If you can come back safely, what interesting stories can you tell the world?


With the rapid development of science and technology, the mystery of black hole is still unknown. Falling into the event horizon is actually crossing an obstacle. If someone falls in, they will never be able to pass the information back, because they will be torn apart by the huge gravity. Therefore, in theory, people who cross the event horizon will not go to other places.

What about wormholes?

If the wormhole existed, it might lead to another universe. But there is no evidence that wormholes really exist, and there is no evidence that black holes also have the illusion of wormholes.


However, scientists are still studying the possibility of black holes becoming wormholes, and whether they can reach other galaxies to realize star trek.

But the problem is, we can’t look at black holes up close. Even in a black hole, we can’t photograph anything, because even light will be devoured by it, so the camera can’t photograph anything. According to current theory, anything that crosses the event horizon is simply added to the black hole.


Maybe black holes lead to white holes

Scientists have been exploring the potential connection between black holes and white holes. If the black hole really points to a galaxy or another part of the universe, then on the other side, there may be something opposite to it. Maybe it will lead to the white hole!

Physicists Carlo Lowery and Hal haggard published a paper in 2014, saying that all the matter swallowed by the black hole may be ejected, and when the black hole dies, the matter may turn into a white hole.


Some scientists have pointed out that black holes are the entrance of cosmic matter, and perhaps white holes are another exit. And it’s a gateway to parallel universes.

If the black hole is like a gravity vortex, then the white hole is like a fountain. When the matter is sucked into the black hole, the mass on the sucker will gradually increase. When the matter is overloaded, the white hole will eject the matter sucked into the black hole. Scientists also say that the matter sucked into the black hole will eventually be ejected by the white hole, although the white hole is only an astronomical phenomenon, and no astronomer has really discovered it.


Moreover, at present, the white hole is only a scientific conjecture, or even a conjecture. No theory can quantitatively describe the concept of white hole.

Maybe the black hole has no exit

However, physicist Ahmed amhaley and others still believe that Hawking’s theory is correct. The theory they studied later became known as the “black hole firewall” hypothesis. Based on their calculations, quantum mechanics can effectively turn the event horizon into a huge wall of fire, so that any contact object will be instantly burned. In this case, the black hole has no exit, because nothing can enter the black hole.


Xiao Bian believes that, in any case, black holes have been confirmed by scientists that they are real. For black holes, there are too many hypothetical theories. We can’t explore them at present, so we give them a mysterious color. Whether it is the entrance of another universe, or there is really no exit, matter can only enter or not, these secrets and truths are waiting for us to explore!

Where do you think black holes lead? Welcome to comment area.


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