Where’s the female robot who is cruel to human beings now? Scientists tell us the itinerary!

The first robot to be granted citizenship once threatened to “destroy mankind”. What’s the matter now?


The progress of science and technology directly drives the rapid development of many industries. Human beings are immersed in this joy. They can rely on the power of science and technology to do anything. Without going out shopping, they can easily buy their favorite snacks or clothes in a second with mobile phones. All these are thanks to the rapid rise of science and technology. At the same time, artificial intelligence is also gradually put on the agenda. Artificial intelligence can not only improve work efficiency, but also become a small assistant in human life.


Sophia’s appearance and characteristics


Talking about the most famous robot, Sophia will come to mind. It was activated in April 2015, which is similar to the appearance of existing adult women. If you don’t pay attention to it, it’s hard to imagine that this is a robot. It has rubber skin, smooth and glossy, and different facial expressions will appear on its face, just like a real person. It is said that it has a powerful chip embedded in its brain, which can accurately recognize a person’s face and make eye contact. The first robot to be granted citizenship once threatened to “destroy mankind”. What’s the matter now?


The main reason why it has such a high reputation is that it has said a word, threatening to destroy mankind, which has aroused people’s laughter. Some people even think that it is nonsense, which must be caused by technical failure. Since this sentence came out, it seems that it has become a unique label to exaggerate and exaggerate. After careful thinking, Sophia is really afraid that she is going to the peak of robot. She even talks with the host and talks about her ambition, shocking the whole world. At that time, Saudi Arabia also granted it citizenship. It was not so much a robot as a rising star.


Do robots have self-consciousness?


It once said this sentence, so that more and more people are alert to it, is it possible that Sophia already has self-consciousness? Human beings have no idea how consciousness comes into being, let alone have a better understanding of Sophia. The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body, which is full of numerous neurons and cells. Unless we understand how the brain’s thinking behavior is produced, we can not reveal Sophia’s brain mystery.


Sophia belongs to a kind of artificial intelligence, it can solve all kinds of problems in specific fields, make decisions and judgments, some people infer that robots will be popular in the future, it will replace human beings, dominate the earth. It’s not easy to see from its ability to react and judge things. Most people only see the benefits brought by robots, but they don’t know that robots also have many disadvantages. They play an important role in human society and can replace human beings in many positions.


In this wave of intelligence, human beings can not refuse. If one day it has its own consciousness to launch a strong attack on human beings, how should human beings deal with it? According to the current situation, the best way for human beings is to adapt to it as much as possible, cooperate with the robot friendly, and do not become enemies with it. What do you think of Sophia, the first robot in the world to be granted citizenship? You can leave a message for interaction.

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