Whether you object or not, smoking does have five advantages

As we all know, second-hand smoke is harmful, but everything has two sides. Smoking is also good. Today, let’s take stock of the five benefits of smoking.

1、 Refreshing


Smoking friends all know that working, studying and playing games for a long time will make them sleepy, and their mental concentration will drop. At this time, I like to have a cigarette to refresh my mind. This method is also used by many long-distance heavy cargo drivers, so the benefit of smoking is very applicable.

2、 Add inspiration


Most people engaged in literary and artistic creation have the habit of smoking. As we all know, people who are engaged in creative work often fall into a period of stuck thinking and lack any inspiration. But some people as long as this time to a cigarette, immediately Wensi spring, writing into a chapter. For them, smoking is more important than food in life.

3、 Keep in shape


We all know that people who smoke around, if they are the kind of hard core smokers, are definitely thin. However, we advise those hard core smokers of medium height not to easily quit smoking, otherwise their fat will soar.

4、 Harmonious relationship with colleagues


It’s boring to work every day. Female colleagues can go to the bathroom with company from time to time, but it’s a bit embarrassing for male colleagues to go to the bathroom with company. What about the male colleagues, so they came up with a way to smoke together and exchange feelings. And this communication can be a big help. If you can’t smoke, how can you integrate into everyone.

5、 Chat up


Brother, brother, brother, brother, tiktok, you know this: “little brother, little brother, do you have a lighter? No, How did you light my heart? ” This is a naked chat up call. Of course, it’s OK for little brother to chat up little sister in turn.

Therefore, smoking is not all bad, but there is a saying that even if smoking has the above five advantages, smoking is harmful to health, it does exist. For girls smoking, some people hate, some people think sexy, what do you think?

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