Which countries will be affected first by the consequences of global warming? See how scientists analyze it

The earth is the home of human survival, but human beings have not protected their homes. With the rise of the industrial revolution and the rapid development of scientific and technological civilization in the past century, environmental problems have been ignored. A large number of trees are felled, resources are over exploited, and a large number of industrial emissions lead to the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect makes the global temperature rise year by year High.

Now people have a feeling: it’s not cold in winter, it’s very hot in summer. In some northern areas where it used to be cold, now it’s winter, like spring, and the high temperature in summer is constantly reaching new heights. In some tropical areas, the temperature is much higher in summer.

The rising global temperature has an impact on the world, but the impact is not the same before and after. Some countries will be affected first. These countries are mainly concentrated in the poor countries or regions in the tropics and subtropics. Because of poverty, crops in these countries often depend on the weather for their growth. With the rising temperature, drought and no rain all the year round, crops can’t survive and people can’t live Our food and clothing will be a big problem.


The tropics and subtropics are already very hot. Coupled with the rising temperature caused by global warming, people’s body can’t stand high temperature, which will lead to many diseases and disasters. Many people may have said that it’s too hot to hide at home and turn on the air conditioner, but in some poor areas, these are all extravagant hopes. In order to survive, people have to go out to work at high temperature, and it’s even more impossible to have the air conditioner at home, because they can’t afford it.

The high temperature weather caused by global warming not only has a great impact on tropical and subtropical areas, but also has a great impact on other countries. However, due to the difference between the rich and the poor, for some developed countries, there are technologies and funds to deal with the temporary high temperature weather. The weather is too hot during the day, so they can not go out, the air conditioning at home is not affected, and some outdoor work can also be avoided Hot weather. Therefore, we can see that many enterprises’ outdoor construction has time limit when the high temperature comes in summer. When they work until about 10 o’clock in the morning, they will stop work and work after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, avoiding the high temperature period of the day, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon.

Although developed countries may not be afraid of the impact of global warming for the time being, with the passage of time, the impact of global temperature continues to rise, and no country can escape. The problem of global warming has become more and more serious. Therefore, in 2015, 195 countries officially accepted the Paris climate agreement (among which the United States announced its withdrawal in 2017). The agreement aims to keep the global average temperature rise (compared with that before global industrialization) between 1.5 ℃ and 2 ℃. Now, it’s about 1 ℃. Compared with 1900, the annual drought and flood months around the world also increased significantly.


The biggest impact of global warming is the continuous melting of ice blocks in the north and south poles. If the temperature can not be controlled, once all the ice and snow in the north and south poles melt, the average sea level will rise by 70 meters, most of the coastal areas will be drowned, and the land area for human survival will be greatly reduced.

Although scientists say that the climate of global warming will first affect some poor tropical and subtropical countries, as well as some poor countries in other parts of the world. Developed industries and developed economies may not have a significant impact for the time being, but the deterioration of natural environment caused by global warming will affect the whole world, and no one can avoid it. Moreover, with the global temperature rising, large areas of frozen soil will recover, and these viruses that have disappeared for a long time underground may survive and infect again. Ancient viruses that have been frozen under the ice sheet for more than a billion years are also a big threat.

Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment and take good care of the earth. Don’t think that the strength of individuals is small, but the strength of unity is huge. If the seven billion people in the world have the awareness of protecting the environment and don’t need scientists to study various schemes, the environment will naturally get better and the trend of global warming will be controlled.


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