Which is more powerful, lion or tiger? Why is the king of the forest a tiger, not a lion?

On earth, dinosaurs used to be at the top of the food chain. As time goes on, who should be at the top of the ecological chain except us? A netizen replied: lions and tigers, and they have almost no natural enemies. In the eyes of many people, tigers and lions should rarely encounter each other, but in reality, there will be more fights between animals in nature than we think. Therefore, some netizens can’t help asking, “if tigers and lions fight together, who will win?”? Who would be more powerful? “

Tiger is a big cat and a “back killer”

Many people have been shocked since the online exposure of the tiger cannibalism incident in Badaling, Beijing. One of the biggest taboos committed by the woman is to turn her back to the tiger. When she turns around, it’s too late. Tiger is the most powerful “back killer” among cats! Even the keepers in the zoo dare not turn their backs directly on them. In the eyes of tigers, all the “prey” with their back to them is a kind of provocation to them.


American animal expert Roberts said: tigers are natural wild carnivores, so any animal, including humans, must not turn their back on them, and they will definitely become their prey. In the tiger family, there are mainly nine different types of tigers. Due to over hunting and lack of conservation plans, three subspecies of tigers in the world have become extinct. The existing tigers mainly live in Indonesia, belonging to the Bali tigers, the Siberia tigers living in the birch forests of eastern Russia, the Bangladesh tiger living in India, the Sumatran tiger living in Sumatra island, the Burma tiger in Thailand, the Indochina tiger in Laos, and the Southern China tiger living in Fujian and Guangdong areas in southern China.

The picture shows South China tiger

Tiger is a kind of large cat. Its coat is black, light yellow and some brown. Its head is round, its ears are short and its limbs are strong. The largest Siberian tiger is 2-3.5 meters in length and weighs more than 700 Jin. Generally, a tiger with about 500 Jin of food can bite. The bite force is very strong. Tiger’s attack means are also very powerful. In addition to biting the prey, generally, the tiger can also strike the prey by standing or palming. Don’t underestimate the “slap strength” of the tiger. It is possible that the prey will become “meat cake” with one slap.

Tiger is a typical “overlord” in the mountains. Whether it is tropical rain forest, the south where the green leaves are often broad, or the north where the cold coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest is cold, tigers can live a good life. The biggest difference between tigers and other animals is that tigers live alone, and only when it comes to breeding season will males and females live together. The tiger’s nest “cave” is not fixed, they often roam in the forest in search of food. Tigers can swim, but they can’t climb trees. Tigers like to go out at dusk. During the day, most of them will lie dormant and have no great disturbance. They seldom come out easily. Tigers also have a wide range of activities. In the north, they can search for food for tens of kilometers, while in the south, such as Xishuangbanna, they can search for food for a short time. In the East, the tiger has always been a symbol of God.


The picture shows the Amur tiger

Lions are cats, not dogs. They like to live in groups

Many people say that the lion is a canine, but in fact it is not. It is also a feline leopard. The biggest difference between lions and other felines is that lions like to live in groups. Lions are composed of male lions alliance, which is a typical matrilineal group.


In many cases, it’s more like they’re “recruiting sons in law.” a group of lions will live with their female offspring. Usually, more than five lions can form a group. The lion is


. The male lion has a mane, but the female does not. Lions have the largest skull and shoulder height in cats. Generally, males are larger than females. Compared with the tiger, the lion’s body length is not as long as theirs. Its body length is between 1.6-3.2 meters. The lion’s weight is lighter than the tiger’s. the heaviest lion’s weight is about 500 Jin. The bite force of lion is about 800 Jin.

The picture shows the lions


The lion’s head is not only big but also very round. Its face is wide. Its mane is usually light gray, very long, and even extends to the shoulders and chest. In general, the longer the mane of a male lion, the darker the color will be, which often attracts the attention of a female lion. Lions living in the north and south ends of the African continent have more developed manes, which extend to the back and abdomen. They are also the largest. Because they are gregarious animals, their attack mode is similar to that of wolves. In general, lions will constantly bite their prey. After a period of time, lions will make the final killing. For the hunting of zebra, wildebeest and other large animals, the success rate of a single lion is one sixth, while the success rate of a lion group is one third. Therefore, the success rate of a lion group is higher than that of a single lion group in capturing food. Although the success rate of single lion catching food is very low, they can enjoy it by themselves without sharing it with other lions.

Apart from the lions, there is no problem for the lone female lion to survive. She can not only hunt by herself, but also grab the prey of other carnivores without starvation. On the contrary, they will live in fear all day and can only occupy their own territory. Whenever other lions invade, they are unable to defend their territory and can only run away in a hurry. Without a long-term stable food source, it is doomed to be unable to feed its young.

In the past, lions were mainly distributed in all parts of Africa except tropical rainforests. Now, there are lions in all parts of Asia except India. There are relatively few wild lions in North Africa. At present, there are a lot of lions in the desert steppes south of Sahara in Africa. With the change of ecological environment, the scope of lion activities is gradually becoming smaller.


The picture shows lions hunting bison

If the lion and the tiger meet and fight with each other, who will win?

Some netizens can’t help asking: “lions and tigers are so powerful. If they are allowed to fight one-on-one, who can win who? Can two animals meet? ” In fact, in reality, it is very difficult for lions and tigers to meet each other, because most lions live in Africa, while tigers live in Asia, so it is very difficult for them to find a chance to fight each other.

However, from the above analysis of the living habits of the two animals, we can see that both lions and tigers have one thing in common, that is, they belong to the large cat family, and their sizes are almost the same. For example, the largest weight of our common Amur tiger is nearly 300 kg, while the average weight of the lion is about 230 kg, and that of the Asian lion is about 240 kg. They are different The weight difference between them is not very big, and their “configuration” parameters are also very similar, so their ability is similar in the process of single fight.


If African lions fight with small tigers, naturally, lions have a greater chance of winning. But if large tigers fight with South African lions, who has a greater chance of winning? First of all, let’s analyze the two. From the point of view of body length, the lion is not dominant, and the tiger’s body length is larger than it. Secondly, in the comparison of shoulder height, the tiger is not dominant. The lion’s shoulder height is higher than that of the tiger, and its shoulder strength is stronger than that of the tiger, but the lion’s limb strength is smaller than that of the tiger. So in the process of fighting, the lion is more likely to ignore the tiger’s flexibility. With these characteristics, the tiger has a greater advantage in fighting, but in many cases, the lion’s mouth is bigger than the tiger’s. once the tiger’s head and neck are bitten by the lion, the tiger will be willing to take advantage of the wind, and may even be killed by the lion. Although the two animals fight in different ways, the lion with rich combat experience will have stronger fighting power.

The picture shows the Amur tiger

Why is the king of the forest a tiger, not a lion?


Since both lion and tiger are cats, and lion’s fighting power is stronger than tiger, why tiger is king of forest, but lion is not? In fact, this has always been a controversial topic. The tiger is the king of the forest, and the lion is the king of the grassland. Tigers live in the forest all the year round, while lions mostly live in the desert and grassland. They are truly super beasts, regardless of each other. In the forest, tigers often live alone. It seems that the manager of the whole mountain forest is a tiger. The so-called “one mountain can’t accommodate two tigers”. When catching prey, tigers have their own territory. They are vigorous, sharp eyed, and can rush at the prey with lightning speed. They will hit the prey with one hit and seldom miss.

Unlike tigers, lions live in the grassland. They are the real overlord in the grassland. Lions like to live in groups and often don’t act alone. Most of them are three or five that go out together. When they encounter prey, lions will attack together and cooperate with each other very well. Tigers who are alone will become very weak or even not rivals to lions. If we really fight one-on-one, it is estimated that we are equally matched, and it is not easy for us to predict who wins and who loses.

The picture shows a lion preying on a buffalo

Everything has its nemesis. Who is the biggest nemesis of lions and tigers?


Although the lion and tiger are the king of all animals, they have a common nemesis, that is our human. In front of them, human beings are small, but human intelligence is very advanced. With all kinds of human capture tools and high-tech means, we can easily win in the face of lions and tigers. Although tigers and lions are both wild animals in nature and huge in size, they will not be easily caught and harmed by human beings. Since ancient times, the extinction of animals is closely related to the natural environment and human factors. Over the years, due to habitat destruction and hunting, the number of wild Asian lions and Amur tigers once decreased sharply. It is our responsibility to protect wild animals.

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