Which of the three versions of “dinosaur relief” found in Cambodia is the most likely?

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one of the seven major relics in the world. There are countless mysteries in its ruins. What is particularly shocking is the stegosaurus relief in tapulen temple. Now it has become a must see spot for every tourist. Built by Angkor King VII for his mother, tapulen temple is a Buddhist temple built in 1186. There is a heart beating tower in it. It was the advice room set up by the king for himself at that time. With exquisite architectural design, the tower can produce wonderful echoes. If tourists stand inside the pagoda and pat their backs against the wall on their chest, the whole pagoda will emit a very loud echo. Ancient people think that this is a dialogue with heaven. The stegosaurus relief was once found near the heart beating tower of the temple.

1. Humans may have crossed the dinosaur period


Stegosaurus lived in the late Jurassic period for about 150 million years, and its extinction should have been at least 65 million years ago. Stegosaurus had a row of bony plates on its back and a tail with spines. How did the sculpture appear in the 12th century? The Angkor Dynasty, which flourished for 600 years, and the more than one million people who once lived in Angkor, seem to disappear suddenly overnight. So far, there is no continuation of its culture, which is still puzzling. It’s hard not to let people imagine in such a strange background. People even think that maybe it really exists

2. Humans and dinosaurs may exist at the same time

Of course, there are other opinions. Some netizens think that since the stegosaurus relief appeared in the Mogao Grottoes, it is likely to prove that Angkor Dynasty existed in the dinosaur period, so we can see the stegosaurus lineup. The image of dinosaurs in Mogao Grottoes seems to be more simple and lovely. Can ancient humans really tame dinosaurs? Like the dinosaur sculpture found in acanbaro, Mexico. Of course, this is just a guess.


3. It’s just a Javanese rhinoceros

According to the analysis of experts, the stegosaurus in sculpture should be a Javanese rhinoceros living in Southeast Asia in reality, and its image characteristics are most similar to the “Stegosaurus” in sculpture. Because in addition to Stegosaurus, there are also various animals in the relief: monkey, deer, buffalo, parrot, swan and lizard. It can be inferred that this “Stegosaurus” is also a common animal at that time. As for the rib plate on the back of Stegosaurus, experts believe that it is a kind of plant background like leaves, which is a kind of coincidence. It seems that people associate it with the bone plate on the back of Stegosaurus.


It’s a pity that the Javanese rhinoceros, which once spread all over Southeast Asia at that time, has been hunted and nearly extinct since ancient times because of its high economic value. Now there are only more than 50 of them, which is one of the most rare animals in the world.

Single choice | what do you think “dinosaur relief” can explain?

Humans may have crossed the dinosaur period


Humans and dinosaurs may exist at the same time

It’s just a Javanese rhinoceros


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