Which of these three forms do you prefer?

Which of these three forms do you prefer?


It is the result of natural selection that human beings can evolve into what they are now. Many people are very curious, what direction will the future human beings follow? This is indeed a question worth pondering. It is unexpected that human beings become the masters of the earth, because human beings do not have the huge size of dinosaurs, nor the amazing bite force of teeth. They stand at the top of the food chain with their unique brain, which is not easy to get. In many people’s fantasies, the human form in the future is bound to be very different from that in the present. Affected by the Internet, the brain will become very huge, and the limbs will also show signs of degeneration.


Because the Internet can still be stimulated. When human beings do anything, they are particularly dependent on mobile phones, artificial intelligence and so on. As a result, the frequency of human use of the brain is getting lower and lower, and the role of the brain is not so great. With the help of science and technology, human beings can achieve automation in everything they do, and their physical activities are relatively reduced. Over time, there are signs of degeneration of their limbs. These ideas seem to be very logical, and coincide with the theory of using advance, abolishing retreat. In addition, human beings need to adapt to the environment and let the whole race continue. So what direction will human beings develop in? Scientists infer three kinds of people. Which of these three forms do you prefer?


In the future, human beings may enter and exit into these three life forms


First, the survivors. Human beings are threatened all the time, such as asteroid impact, gamma ray and so on. Their power is different. It is difficult to guarantee that human beings will not be swallowed up by them one day in the future. These survivors can have stronger adaptability. Even if human beings are on the verge of extinction, they can find ways to deal with it. Postwar survivors will evolve less resistance and become the best on earth.


The second form is gene fusion, which is concise and comprehensive. It refers to the combination of genes and drugs, resulting in the birth of different groups. Through carefully edited genes, there are obvious differences between ordinary people, and genes can continue to the next generation. If the speed of gene evolution is accelerated, it is easy to produce mutation. As for getting better and worse, it is another result.


The last form is cosmic man. Human beings have never given up on the search for the second earth. The reason why they have an obsession with Mars is to find more resources and find a way out for human beings. A few years later, the colonization of Mars will become a reality. Then human beings will continue to live in the Martian environment. In this environment, when they grow up, human beings will be very different from the earth, because the environment of Mars and the earth is very different. In the long run, human beings will gradually adapt to the Martian environment and become the most unique cosmonaut.


These forms are all guessed according to the current situation of human beings. There is not much change in human beings at present, and the future is full of unknowns. It is possible to develop in these three directions. Which form do you think you are most satisfied with? You can leave a message for interaction.

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