Who are the ancestors of bats? Scientists discover fossils, the mystery is finally revealed!

Who are the ancestors of bats? Scientists discover fossils, the mystery is finally revealed!


Since the complete extinction of dinosaurs, the Mesozoic era of the earth has ended, and a new Cenozoic era has started. At that time, the geological era is mainly divided into three periods, namely Paleogene, Neogene and Quaternary. When the fourth period comes, mammals will become the dominator on the earth, including a flying animal, namely bat.


Many people’s understanding of bats is relatively limited. They think that bats are a kind of swarthy flying animals, and there is no beauty to speak of. It looks like a mouse with wings. It’s petite and easy to be mistaken for a bird. What we don’t know is that it’s a mammal. It’s not only able to fly, it’s directly attributed to the birds. All along, human beings are very curious about the ancestors of bats. Many biologists have done some research on it, so what are the ancestors of bats What about it? Who are the ancestors of bats? Scientists discover fossils, the mystery is finally revealed!


The first thing to be sure is that bats did not evolve from mice or pterosaurs. When it comes to pterosaurs, many people think that it is a dinosaur. In fact, it is a flying vertebrate with almost the same physical characteristics as bats. It has hair and has the same living habits as birds. Different from bats, pterosaurs can walk on four feet, and bats have no strength but to flutter. Bats have to hang on trees and fall by gravity to fly.


In the Mesozoic era, pterosaurs disappeared completely. Archaeologists have found that there are two kinds of bats 52.2 million yuan ago, which have already had the characteristics of flying. They are the Yishen bat and the claw bat. These two kinds of bats are very different from modern bats. They not only have narrow and short wings, but also can fly. Even their hind limbs are very powerful. They can not only climb branches, but also do not look weak like modern bats.


This bat is very magical. Many people named it the ancient flying beast. At that time, few people had seen it, so they classified it into mammals. At present, its fossil remains are extremely complete. Some researchers say that the ancient flying beast lived about 125 million years ago, even longer than dinosaurs. It has the characteristics of bats, and has a rich variety of food. Through research, it is found that this ancient flying beast may have a close blood relationship with modern bats, or it may be the ancient ancestor of bats. After all, it has a long history of evolution, even human beings It’s all insignificant before.


So far, there are many historical faults between bats and ancient flying beasts, so the scientific community is not sure that the ancient flying beasts were the ancestors of bats, but it is quite possible. The existence of any animal in nature is very meaningful, and so is bats. I didn’t expect that this kind of tiny creature had appeared very early. No one thought of this. What’s your understanding of bats? You can leave a message for interaction.

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