Who controlled the meteorite crash in Russia? Could it be an alien?

Seven years ago, the meteorite crash, where the ruins, the reason is still unknown!


In the development stage of human civilization, we have encountered all kinds of natural disasters, such as volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami and so on. Although the emergence of many high technologies has helped us a lot, when we really face these natural disasters, we can do nothing but sit quietly and wait to die. Fortunately, human beings have not been sanctioned by nature. It is not easy for civilization to develop so far.


There have been many extraterrestrial objects in history, each of which will cause great harm to the earth, and even lead to species extinction. Take the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago as an example. Many people think that it was caused by asteroid impact. Otherwise, who would have such great power to make such a huge dinosaur extinct? Every time we see a UFO in the sky, there is a sense of fear in our hearts. Meteorites and meteors are the most common ones in the sky. Few people see a meteor. If someone sees a meteor across the sky, they will make a wish silently. Meteorite is not the same, it enters the atmosphere to produce friction, will cause unnecessary threat to human beings. Seven years ago, the meteorite crash, where the ruins, the reason is still unknown!


Meteorite falls in 2013


In 2013, there was a meteorite landing, which is still a mystery. Generally speaking, meteorites rarely land in cities. However, the Russian meteorite incident once refreshed people’s understanding. The meteorite actually plummeted inside the city, injuring all 1500 people. Later, experts studied the meteorite and speculated that it had severe friction with the atmosphere and disintegrated in the process of falling. A large number of meteorite fragments scattered in various areas, resulting in the destruction of countless buildings, no less powerful than nuclear weapons.


For this phenomenon, Russian officials also responded, they believe that the impact of UFOs, so the meteorite will be punctured. If it did not appear, perhaps the meteorite would not fall in the city. After all, if it fell in the desert or other areas, the loss would not be so serious. Then there is another question. What is this UFO?


What is this UFO?


At the beginning, many people thought it was a man-made product. According to the science and technology of human beings at that time, it was impossible to create such a fast thing. Therefore, we focused all our suspicious eyes on the alien. After looking for so long, human beings did not find any trace of the alien. Is there any possibility that the alien has been spying on human’s every move, and this UFO is just a UFO It was sent out in order to let human beings understand the consequences. All this is the guess of scientists.


There have been many cases of meteorite falling in history, which will form a huge crater. The meteorite incident in Russia is still a fog, which puzzles scientists. Science pays attention to evidence, and it is impossible to draw a conclusion easily without a strong scientific basis. There are different opinions on this. What do you think of that meteorite event? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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