Who controls the universe? Scientists continue to explore, and finally found their shadow

Looking at the starry sky has existed since the birth of human beings. In ancient times, people could look up and see the sky every day, and they could see countless stars at night. At that time, people were imagining what the outside world would look like? What are the sun, moon and stars in the sky?

However, due to the lack of science and technology, the ancients can only give some mythical color to these unknown things, so there are many related myths and legends. With the continuous development and evolution of human civilization, we finally entered the road of scientific development hundreds of years ago. With the help of science and technology, we have a preliminary understanding of the starry sky beyond the earth, especially after human beings finally realized their dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth, we have a better understanding of the universe.


The most intuitive impression of the universe when people walk out of the earth is vastness and mystery. No one knows how big the universe is. And exploring the origin of the universe has become an important goal of scientists’ continuous exploration and research. With the continuous improvement of human’s understanding of the universe, there is a question that more and more people are constantly thinking about, that is, is there a controller in the universe? If so, who controls the universe?

Many people may think that everything in the universe is the result of natural operation, without any control force. However, with our continuous in-depth research and exploration, we have found a fact that we have to face, that is, everything in the universe is too regular. Whether it is the birth and evolution of the universe, the evolution of matter, the operation of celestial bodies are very regular.

It is precisely because the universe is very regular that a stable cosmic environment has been formed, and life on earth and human beings have been born. If there is no controller in the universe, it is very abnormal, so more people think that there is a controller in the universe, so who is the controller? Scientists through continuous research and exploration, and finally found their shadow.


Scientists have found that there are two main controllers of the universe, one is gravity, and the other is mysterious dark energy. I believe everyone is familiar with gravitation. Newton put forward the classical gravitation more than 200 years ago, telling us that there is gravitation, and all things in the world have gravitation. As long as there is mass, there is gravity.

The stable operation of celestial bodies in the universe depends on the constant adjustment of gravity. Modern scientific theory tells us that the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. After the big bang, the universe was born, and the energy generated instantly was transformed into various basic elements and substances, which evolved into various celestial bodies in the later period.


From the moment of the birth of the universe, gravity exists, it can make matter attract each other together. It is the existence of gravitation that makes matter aggregate to form celestial bodies, and then galaxies are born. If there is no gravity, there will be no celestial bodies in the universe, only countless free elements.

The great discovery of gravity has far-reaching significance for human beings to explore the universe. It is under the guidance of Newton’s universal gravitation that Einstein put forward the great theory of relativity 100 years ago. Many achievements of human beings in exploring the universe now originate from the research and application of gravity. And the theory of relativity makes the exploration of the universe into a new era.

Of course, with the continuous improvement of scientists’ understanding of the universe, especially the observation that the universe has been expanding rapidly. At this time, scientists found that gravity can not explain all the phenomena of the universe, because with the expansion of the universe, the distance between galaxies is increasing, and the influence of gravity is becoming smaller and smaller. But at this time, we are surprised to find that the universe is not unstable due to the weakening of the gravitational force between galaxies.


The universe as a whole is still a very stable space, which shows that the control of the universe is not only gravity, but also other factors. Moreover, scientists have found that gravity played a very important role in the early days of the universe, but with the continuous progress of the expansion of the universe, gravity has less and less control over the universe. It is possible that in the long future, galaxies will lose the control of gravity. At that time, will the universe collapse? The answer is No.

The reason is that there is another controller, and I believe my friends have heard of it. It is the dark energy that scientists have been searching for. Dark energy is a kind of energy that drives the motion of the universe. Dark energy and dark matter do not absorb, reflect or radiate light, so human beings cannot directly use the existing technology to observe. So it is very difficult to study and test their properties. Astronomers have been studying this concept by observing some cosmic structures and matter affected by gravity and the radiation that can be detected.


Although scientists have not yet found any dark matter and dark energy, a variety of cosmic observations show that they exist. Just because we know nothing about the nature of dark matter and dark energy, there is no corresponding scientific equipment to discover them. Dark energy is the most important energy in the universe and the most important controller behind the universe.

The accelerated expansion of the universe, the formulation and operation of all the rules of the universe, and the operation of celestial bodies may be controlled by dark energy. It may be the ultimate mystery of the universe. Scientists believe that as long as we really understand dark matter and dark energy, we can really understand what the universe is like.

Dark matter and dark energy exist in every corner of the universe, including our side also has the existence of dark energy, it constantly controls everything in the universe. If we want to understand the origin of the universe and everything in the universe, we must master the mystery of dark energy. After reading these, I believe my friends also understand who are the two masters of the universe, one is gravity, the other is dark energy. And dark energy is obviously more powerful than gravity. Some scientists even think that gravity may also be a phenomenon under the action of dark matter, that is to say, gravity may be the younger brother of dark matter.


So in addition to the above two masters of the universe, is it possible for the vast universe to have a third master? The answer is very likely, and the third controller is not a natural product like gravity or dark energy, but an intelligent civilization like human beings.

I believe many friends know that the end of science is theology. When science reaches the end, it will be the God of the universe, that is, the super civilization above the universe. No matter the essence of everything in the universe or the essence of life, we can use science to explain it. It can be said that everything in the universe does not go beyond the scope of science. Gravity and dark matter are powerful and mysterious, but human beings can constantly develop science to understand and control them.


Human beings can do it, and so can other more powerful scientific and technological civilizations in the universe. There is no doubt that the early and middle universe is dominated by gravity and dark energy. However, with the continuous emergence of intelligent civilization and the continuous development of civilized science and technology. In the later stage of the universe, powerful civilization and technology will be able to master gravity, dark matter and dark energy. At that time, gravity and dark energy are just the younger brothers of intelligent civilization, and it will be super civilization, not natural products, that really controls all the rules of the universe.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the ultimate goal of human beings is to control everything in the universe and become a God beyond the universe. At that time, human beings could create everything, life and even the universe. All the rules of the new universe are made by human beings. Seeing this, many young friends will ask: if science can finally create the universe, will the universe we live in now be created by super civilization?

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