Who has 14.7 million yuan of excrement? It’s the only one in the world that can do it

Who’s excrement can be changed into paper money? The final price is as high as 14.7 million, which is beyond human expectation. Only ambergris from sperm whales can do it in the world. So far, more than 60kg of ambergris has been found, with a total value of about 200000 euros, equivalent to about 14.7 million yuan.

When it comes to ambergris, many people think of sperm whale excrement. Now we find that because of the prevalence of whaling more than 100 years ago, people really knew the existence of ambergris at that time. However, the statement that ambergris is sperm whale excrement is completely wrong in the eyes of many scientists.

First of all, there are many kinds of marine whales, such as blue whale, sperm whale, killer whale, whale shark and so on. The whale that can produce ambergris is only sperm whale. But even with the development of science and technology, no one knows the complete process of ambergris production.


In order to explore the reason, scientists have done many simulation experiments and follow-up photography, and finally only determined the general process of the sperm whale. When the sperm whale feeds, there will be very hard spines in the animals it preys on, such as the sharp mouths of squid and cuttlefish. In this case, the sperm whale’s intestines and stomach will secrete a substance, which is due to the protection of internal organs, Because this substance will wrap these sharp bones, and then stay in the body, over time, ambergris was born.

There are two other theories about the excretion of ambergris: first, ambergris is the vomit of sperm whales; second, ambergris is rectal excretion. Now let’s analyze these two theories. As we all know, ambergris has a huge volume. If it’s the excreta of sperm whale, how does it come out through the small rectum of sperm whale? So if ambergris is formed by sperm whales through rumination – to be sure, ambergris is first formed in the gut, then how does the whale use the force to spit out the huge secretion from its mouth? Therefore, from a scientific point of view, both of them are controversial, and there is no definite one.

As for ambergris huilongensis, it is a very precious spice, but it usually stays in the body of sperm whales for decades before it can be excreted from the body. Some of its special substances can keep the fragrance for a long time, so modern luxury brand perfume is usually added with amber ingredients, while the ancients or Chinese medicine think it has very special medicinal value. It is precisely because of the scarcity of amber, so its single price is very expensive, and the normal price in the market can be equal to a gram of gold.


Of course, in addition to sperm whales, the excreta of other whales also play a very important role – for example, the world’s largest mammal, the blue whale. It can excrete 200 liters at a time. If we use what we usually know as the capacity of mineral water, blue whales can excrete 400 bottles of Coca Cola’s weight of excrement almost every time.

Some people may say that the excreta of whales is just like this. What is worth studying? However, for marine organisms and the whole marine system, the importance is incomparable. Basically, these things are an important part of marine nutrition. Basically, small fish and shrimps in Shanghai depend on the nutrition excreted by whales to survive. So it can be seen that the existence of whales is unique in the ocean system.

Since the birth of the dolphin bay documentary, people have not only opposed the killing of dolphins, but also started to strongly oppose the killing of whales. But now there are still some countries that legalize whale hunting, and they don’t realize the importance of whales. I think human beings should pay attention to the integrity of the ecological environment chain, and try to make human and nature coexist harmoniously.


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