Who is better than yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng?

The Tang Dynasty has always been the pride of our people. In the heyday of the Tang Dynasty, all nations came to the Dynasty and respected the Tang Dynasty as the kingdom of heaven. Such a prosperous Dynasty naturally produced several top figures, including yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng. Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng are the most famous Feng Shui Masters in China. Their popularity comes from a wonderful book they wrote. This book is called “pushing back”. This book can be called the book of changes in China, or the most famous prophecy in China! The degree of its effectiveness often makes posterity think that this book is forged by posterity. Let’s take a look at a prophecy in this book, which says that the beauty of heaven has been bowing to the ground since she came from the West Wei but not Wei, praising the Western woman Pipa fairy, Jiao Jiao’s clothes are more fresh. At this time, Hun trace lived in the Imperial City, making a mess of millions of monarchs and ministers. The time of this hexagram is just in the Qing Dynasty, and the meaning of this hexagram is that women were in chaos, which refers to the Empress Dowager Cixi of the late Qing Dynasty


Who are yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng who can write such a wonderful book and have such ability? First, let’s talk about yuan Tiangang. He has multiple identities. He is proficient in mathematics and astronomy, and then he is a master of Yi ology. I have to point out that in ancient times, it was an extraordinary thing to know astronomy. In ancient times, fortune tellers could not enter the temple, but it was different to be proficient in astronomy. They would be given an official position directly. The reason is that in ancient times, people were very superstitious, especially superstitious about astronomical phenomena. If one could break astronomical phenomena and explain them, he would be welcomed by the emperor. Yuan Tiangang was regarded by the emperor because he was proficient in astronomy, and he was a comprehensive talent. He also had the ability to govern. Yuan Tiangang once served as the magistrate of Huojing County in Shu county. It’s not too much to call a scholar.


Li Chunfeng is also as proficient in mathematics and astronomy as Yuan Tiangang, but his astronomy literacy is far more than yuan Tiangang. Yuan Tiangang just left his name as an astronomer in history, but Li Chunfeng really contributed to astronomy. He graded the wind in his famous work yisizhan. He was also the first person to grade the wind in astronomical history. Li Chunfeng was superior to Yuan Tiangang in astronomy. In terms of social status, Li Chunfeng is also much higher than yuan Tiangang. Li Chunfeng has been in charge of the Taishi Bureau for decades. What is the Taishi bureau? The Taishi bureau is in charge of astronomy, geography, calendar making and history compilation. Now Li Chunfeng is the director of the National Bureau of astronomy, the director of the National Bureau of Geology and the Party History Office of the Central Committee. It can be said that Li Chunfeng’s position is already the peak of astronomer and fortune teller, and Yuan Tiangang is a little worse than Li Chunfeng in this point.


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