Who is protecting us? It smashed the Russian meteorite and made mankind pass the end

Who is protecting us? Before I say that, first of all, I want to ask you a question: what do you think is the fastest way to destroy the world? Is it a nuclear weapon? Is it a mutant virus? Or geological disaster? No matter what you choose, none of the three options can happen in a short time, and meteorites may be the fastest thing to destroy the world.


If only a meteorite with a diameter of about 1 meter hits the earth, we don’t have to do anything, because the atmosphere can basically burn it up.

But if a meteorite with a diameter of about 10 meters to 100 meters collides with the earth, it will have a huge impact on the ground. If hit by it, it will directly destroy the same area as England. Such a meteorite must be found in time, and before the meteorite enters the atmosphere, it can be destroyed or deviated from the orbit by carrying a nuclear bomb with a satellite missile, so as to minimize the loss.


However, it is very difficult to implement this scheme, because even our fastest missile can’t catch up with the falling speed of the meteorite. Maybe we have already hit the earth before we can launch it. Moreover, one missile can’t accomplish this arduous task. It will take at least tens of thousands, even tens of thousands, to gamble.


What about meteorites with a diameter of about 1000 meters? To put it simply, depending on where it is installed, there may be life that can survive, but this possibility is very small. What about a meteorite with a diameter of about 10 kilometers? That’s how dinosaurs were completely extinct, and it may even lead the world into a glacial age of tens of thousands of years. What about 100 kilometers? It’s unimaginable. It might directly destroy the earth.

Fortunately, according to the observation and estimation of scientists, meteorites with a diameter of more than one kilometer will not hit the earth within 100 years. However, meteorites with a diameter of tens of meters or even smaller are still difficult to detect for us at present. There are millions of them. We don’t know where they are.


However, there is a strange phenomenon. According to the meteorite events discovered in recent years, either directly passing by the earth or automatically exploding in the sky. Of course, you can say that self explosion is a natural disintegration phenomenon, and we are lucky enough to pass by.


But are we really that lucky? Is there some kind of existence that has been secretly protecting us? You may not believe it, but the fall of a Russian meteorite on February 15, 2013 may change your view.

In the morning of that day, before human beings could discover it, a 17 meter diameter meteorite weighing about 7000 tons was cutting through the sky of Russia’s Chelyabinsk state at the speed of 54 times the speed of sound, and the expected falling place was less than 100 kilometers away from the Mayak nuclear fuel storage base.


You know, there are a lot of nuclear weapon materials in this base. If this meteorite doesn’t explode in advance, it will produce the explosive power of dozens of Hiroshima atomic bombs at the moment of falling. With the nearby nuclear weapon materials, the consequences will be extremely serious, and may destroy the whole Asia and even the whole world in an instant.


Just before people could react, a miracle happened. The meteorite suddenly burst in the air about 24 kilometers from the ground. We passed the end of the world.

The crash only caused damage to about 7000 nearby buildings and injured more than 1500 people, but most of them were minor skin injuries. Compared with the cost of a successful crash, this loss is negligible.


So what caused the meteorite to explode?


Three days after the incident, on February 18, 2013, according to the voice of Russia, there was an image captured by a dash cam on some Blog websites. This image not only shows the falling process of the meteorite, but also shows the sudden appearance of a luminous high-speed flying object behind the meteorite.

Its speed was far faster than that of meteorites. It not only overtook meteorites, but also successfully smashed them, killing almost all interceptors in the world. This is obviously not something that human technology can do, so what broke it? Is it a missile?


Even if it’s a missile, the final result will surely be the same death. However, the flying object seems to have been unaffected by the explosion and left unharmed. How can this be explained? Moreover, at present, there are no missiles in the world that can catch up with the falling speed of this meteorite, and no country that can successfully intercept this meteorite in such a short time.


And the Russian authorities also denied that it was the military. They didn’t know that there was a meteorite falling. Was that video fraud? The editor is not sure, but among the Russian people, the people all agree that the video has not been post processed, because they witnessed the whole process with their own eyes and captured the pictures at that time, and the details in the pictures are basically the same.

Is it possible that the meteorite disintegrated naturally?


That flying object is a kind of refraction phenomenon, or a stain on the windshield inside the car. This idea may make sense, but natural disintegration is extremely rare. It usually falls directly to the ground. It can be said that if it is natural disintegration, it should be a waste of all our good luck. And in the circumstances at that time, there were different passers-by, passengers and vehicles, and they all photographed something penetrating the meteorite from different angles.

After negating these possibilities, there is only one possibility. Maybe there is something that has been protecting us silently, but who is protecting us? Welcome to comment area.

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