Who is the “fat brother” in the solar system? It is 1300 times larger than the earth, keep the earth calm!

Who is the “fat brother” in the solar system? It is 1300 times larger than the earth, keep the earth calm!


There are tens of thousands of stars in the universe, each with its own characteristics. Human beings have lived on the earth for a long time, so they know a lot about the earth, but unfortunately they know nothing about other stars. Since the improvement of science and technology, human beings have been doing their best to conduct in-depth research on the stars in outer space. These stars are labeled with mysterious colors. There is a magical force that attracts human beings to keep exploring. Many people can’t help wondering who is the real “fat brother” in this huge solar system?


Characteristics and advantages of Jupiter


Presumably, the first reaction of many people is Jupiter, which has a huge volume and is 1300 times larger than the earth. So what’s the effect of its large size on human beings? By careful calculation, the mass of the other seven planets in the solar system may not be equal to that of Jupiter. Jupiter has a lot of extraordinary, it has a very strong gravity, big beyond imagination. Who is the “fat brother” in the solar system? It is 1300 times larger than the earth, keep the earth calm!


In the early days of the birth of the sun, the shapes and sizes of all stars are almost the same. With the passage of time, the number of collisions between stars is increasing. The strong will slowly devour the weak, and the weak will become smaller and smaller. Because of this, the mass of many stars is different. Jupiter is the most prominent one among many stars. Its volume can become so large, which has a great relationship with its internal structure. Its internal structure is mostly rock structure.


The importance of Jupiter to the earth


Jupiter has a big red spot. It is understood that this big red spot is a storm on Jupiter. The center of this storm alone is enough to swallow two earths. All along, Jupiter has been known as the earth’s protector, and its position is extremely special. Once there are foreign objects around the earth, satellites can quickly detect them and use strong gravity to keep them away from the earth.


In 1994, scientists observed that a comet was about to hit the earth. However, there was no disaster on the earth. Many people were very surprised that Jupiter had helped the earth to block the fatal blow. If the comet does hit the earth, it may bring another mass extinction. Jupiter is really too important for the earth. If it wasn’t for its help, maybe the earth no longer exists, helping the earth block too much damage.


However, it has been popular among the people that Jupiter is the most terrible of all the stars. Why do you say that? Scientists have also discussed it. Later, after understanding, we know that Jupiter is far away from the earth, which has a huge impact. Its gravity is the most amazing, and it can also change the trajectory of the planet. Therefore, the life and death of the earth are derived from Jupiter, which plays a decisive role, and its strength can not be underestimated. We should be thankful for the earth’s health when Jupiter is silent. What do you think of Jupiter? You can leave a message for interaction.

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