Who is the masterpiece of the “smart phone” in the oil painting?

Who is the masterpiece of the “smart phone” in the oil painting?


In the past 20 years, the popularity of smart phones has spread all over the world. The emergence of smart phones enables people in both places to communicate face to face, with more and more functions. When they are in a bad mood, they can also play games to relax. The first smart phone in the world was produced in 1993. Now, in the past 20 years, the development of smart phone is quite rapid, and it has already changed its face, almost every person has one. Its appearance implies that the era of human beings is becoming more and more intelligent.

There was once a netizen in the 19th century oil painting, found traces of smart phones, causing people to think deeply. It is reasonable to say that mobile phones should have been the product of development in the past 20 years. How could they appear in the 19th century oil paintings? This makes people wonder, is there a space-time traverser on earth? What else is the unidentified object in this painting? Who is the masterpiece of the “smart phone” in the oil painting?


What is the content of oil painting?


This painting has a long history. It was created in 1937. Its content is very simple, reflecting the process of communication between local officials and indigenous people. It can be seen from the oil painting that the status of a man seems to be relatively high. There are several attendants behind him. Beside his leg, there is a Native American holding a square object, which is highly similar to modern smart phones. He is walking and playing there. If you compare it with the photos of modern people playing with mobile phones, it’s almost the same.

All eyes are as like as two peas, what is the size and shape of the color, and the color of the mobile phone. When the people around us talk about it, the local famous person is still watching the square object. His grip is exactly the same as that of the modern people. Obviously, this is not a simple coincidence. What is the reason? As for the unidentified objects in the oil paintings, the researchers also made relevant explanations. The object held by the aboriginal was not a smartphone, but a Bible.


Does the space-time traverser exist?


Because Westerners maintain a belief in the Bible, they compress the volume of the Bible into an object similar to the size of a smart phone for the convenience of carrying. Therefore, when the Bible is reflected in the paintings, the illusion of a smart phone appears. From another perspective, if they were holding a smart phone at that time, it would be useless. At that time, electricity was not popular and there was no network. A smart phone was like scrap iron to them. Not only the Bible in this painting, but also a variety of suspected modern products appeared in history, which aroused people’s speculation.

There are many people who firmly believe that there are time and space traversers in the world. They have the ability to foresee the future, so they can imagine the future development at an early stage and express it in their own way. Of course, this is only a guess of some people, and there is no real basis. Although the objects in this painting are very similar to today’s smart phones, many studies show that it is just a Bible taken by contemporary people. As for the existence of space-time traversers, it is still unknown. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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