Who left the 18 meter wide unknown disk in Antarctica?

As the last ownerless place on the earth, few people set foot in Antarctica, and only a few scientists come to Antarctica for investigation every year. Over the years, legends about Antarctica have been emerging in endlessly. Before that, former American pilots revealed that there was a huge hole in Antarctica and UFOs often appeared in the process of flying missions. In October last year, a strange unknown disk was found in Antarctica. Could it be left by aliens?


The unknown disk of Antarctica


This is what netizens found by using Google map. In Google map, we can see that an unknown disc appears above the glacier in Antarctica. The disc has a width of 18 meters, which is very huge. Because this picture is still very high-definition, so these events triggered the speculation of netizens. Some people think that the disc is not natural, it is likely to be an aircraft, but humans never dare to easily set foot in the south pole, so this aircraft is most likely left by aliens. But until now, we have not been able to determine the trace of aliens, until now this unknown disc is still controversial.


What is the unknown disk?


After seeing this picture, some experts believe that the disc is probably not made by man, but a natural phenomenon caused by geological structure. Experts believe that there are many strange shaped stones on the surface of Mars, some like a human face, and some like sitting people. In fact, these phenomena are caused by human visual deviation, which appears in Antarctica The same is likely to be true of the unknown disk. They speculated that under the Antarctic glacier, there is likely to be a huge rock, which is disc-shaped. As the temperature continues to rise, after the glacier melts, this disc-shaped rock also appears.


Until now, many people think that extraterrestrial life is real, but we have no evidence. In recent years, there have been more and more UFO incidents. Most of the results are actually deceptions made by human beings, which is gradually wasting people’s patience. In fact, many strange natural phenomena often occur on the earth, many of which are not common to us. Therefore, when we see such phenomena again, many people will associate with alien civilization.


In such a big universe, it should have been a bustling scene, but now it is a dead silence. Although many people think that extraterrestrial life really exists, until now we have not been able to grasp their trace, so some people think that it is very possible that the manifestation of extraterrestrial life is different from that of the earth, so we can not monitor their existence with our scientific and technological means.


In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, alien life has already arrived on earth, and has carried out cooperation with some countries. There are bases built by aliens in Antarctica. The legend of Antarctica has never been broken. I don’t know what you think of it?

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