Who limits the speed of an object? Scientists speculate that it may be related to the spatial dimension

Human beings are the only intelligent civilization on the earth. From the day they were born, they have shouldered the important task of exploring the mysteries of the universe. The speed of human evolution is very fast. It took only millions of years to complete a series of evolution, and finally became the present scientific and technological civilization.

The power of science and technology can see that it can change the world and the future of mankind. Speed is an important symbol to measure whether the development of a civilized science and technology is strong or not. In ancient times, people’s travel basically depended on walking, and the more developed means of transportation were just carriages. At such a speed, it was impossible to travel all over the earth and explore the mysteries of the earth.

With the rapid development of human civilization, after entering the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago, the means of transportation are constantly updated, and the speed is also faster and faster. Fast transportation makes the earth a small mountain village, and the distance between regions is not out of reach. We can now easily and quickly travel around the world and explore every corner of the earth’s surface.


This is the greatness of speed. It is with the constant improvement of speed that human beings can explore the mysteries of the whole earth. Later, with the further development of speed, we went out of the earth and began to explore the mysteries of the universe. People can land on the moon and go to Mars to explore, relying on the advantage of speed. But when we see the vast universe, we realize that the speed of human pride is slower than that of snail in the cosmic scale.

The basic distance unit of the universe is light years. A light year is the distance that light travels at the speed of light for one year, which is a huge number. In the small solar system, the diameter of the Oort cloud is also two light-years. Voyager-1, the fastest detector for human beings, has a speed of 56000 km / h. This is a very, very fast speed in our opinion, but it will take at least 10000 years to fly out of the solar system at such a speed.

The diameter of the Milky way has reached 100000 light-years, and it will take 100000 years to fly at the speed of light to make a straight-line shuttle. However, there is no answer to the size of the vast universe. The observable range of the universe is 93 billion light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg. Thus it can be seen that if human beings want to explore the mysteries of the whole universe, they need a speed beyond our imagination. That’s at least faster than the speed of light.

But Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed of an object with a still mass can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. In other words, the speed of the spacecraft can not reach the speed of light, let alone exceed the speed of light. Who limits the speed of an object? Scientists speculate that it may be related to the spatial dimension.


Some people may doubt Einstein’s theory of relativity, but after a lot of experiments, especially particle acceleration experiments, it is found that no matter how powerful our accelerator is, the fastest speed of particles can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. This also proves that the theory of light speed limit is correct.

If the speed is limited to the speed of light, no matter how we develop science and technology, we may never realize our dream of exploring the universe. Even if we can fly at sub speed of light infinitely close to the speed of light, the area we can explore is very limited. We can only explore some galaxies near the solar system, but we can not explore the whole galaxy, let alone the whole universe.

If so, what is the significance of human efforts to develop space technology now? We should know that speed not only limits the dream of human space exploration, but also limits the future destiny of human civilization. If the speed of light is unbreakable, human beings will face the dilemma of no resources and no energy sooner or later. If human survival and development without the support of resources, human civilization will eventually come to an end.


Although the resources of the universe are unlimited, the limited resources of the stars are limited. So is the speed of light really unbreakable? To solve this mystery, we may need to first uncover the reasons behind limiting the speed of light. Scientists speculate that it may be related to spatial dimensions. We all know that human beings live in a three-dimensional universe, and different dimensions have different laws.

Any matter in this space must obey its laws, and in a three-dimensional universe, the upper limit of speed may be limited by the speed of light. It is possible that in order to maintain spatial stability in three-dimensional space, the speed should be limited below the speed of light. In this way, the three-dimensional space will not collapse and the order and stability of the space can be protected.

Therefore, in the three-dimensional universe of human existence, it is impossible to make the speed of objects reach or exceed the speed of light. If so, does it mean that there is no hope for the future of mankind? Of course not. When we find that the speed limit of light may be related to the space dimension, if we want to break the speed limit of light, we need to break the space into a higher dimension. For example, if we let the spacecraft sail into the four-dimensional space, we can easily break the speed of light.

I believe many friends know about wormholes. In many science fiction novels, the wormholes are the basis for interstellar civilization to travel through the universe. Now scientists have put forward wormhole theory and speculated that wormholes may actually exist in the real universe. Wormhole may be a channel connecting different dimensions, through which you can enter higher dimensional space for a short time.


When the spaceship enters the wormhole, it may enter more than four-dimensional space. At that time, the speed of the spaceship is not limited by the speed of light, and it will fly faster than the speed of light to reach the distant interstellar space. Multi dimensional space is also a kind of space structure that scientists guess theoretically, and the existence of multi-dimensional universe is generally recognized by the scientific community.

It is possible that our universe is formed by the superposition of multiple dimensions. Different dimensions exist independently but are related to each other. The way to break space into a higher dimension may be to compress space with a very powerful force, which is similar to that we want to enter the interior of an inflation balloon. We need to compress the balloon with external force to get through One channel.

After reading these, we understand the possible reasons behind the speed limit of objects. At the same time, we also understand that the speed of light can not be broken. However, it’s not easy to achieve superluminal flight by breaking space. It may take a long time with the development speed of human science and technology. Of course, superluminal flight is far away from us. The technology that human beings need to realize now is to realize subluminal flight.


As long as we achieve sub light speed flight, we can easily explore the solar system and exploit its rich resources. At the same time, we can also go out of the solar system to explore nearby galaxies, initially realize interstellar exploration and carry out interstellar migration.

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