Who should the mainland, which is moving to the United States, belong to when it is discovered by Chinese satellites?

“New world” is found, moving to the United States, but no country wants to occupy it!


After the shortage of land resources was put forward in the past few years, it is still a big dilemma that people are facing today. It can be seen from the rising house prices. In order to alleviate this situation, many countries even put forward the plan of land reclamation, which is to transform the original sea area and Lake area into land by artificial technology. The proposal of this plan is feasible In order to expand the effective space of a city, Shenzhen, Guangdong, and other coastal cities, the proposal of this plan is very useful.


In ancient times, there was Jingwei reclamation, but now there is reclamation. Many coastal areas in the Netherlands, Japan and China have implemented the plan. However, this is a very expensive plan, which may face various difficulties and difficulties in the process of implementation, and the effect is not obvious. If there is a continent now, there will be obvious links and the cost will be greatly reduced. Not surprisingly, under the monitoring of China’s satellites, there is such a land. What’s going on?


The land on the earth is the same as the resources in space. It is based on the principle of first come, first served. Therefore, many people are very surprised at the land photographed by our club. When they saw the land getting closer and closer to China, the scientists enlarged the satellite photos. At this time, they found that it was not a land at all. On the contrary, they felt very cold. It turned out that it was a land made of human garbage. In short, it was a garbage island. After the discovery of this phenomenon, scientists feel helpless, how to deal with this garbage continent?


These wastes do not gather overnight, but as time goes on, human beings discharge wastes into the ocean without restraint. Affected by the ocean current, these wastes are slowly gathered together. With the ocean current movement, over time, this garbage continent floating in the ocean is formed. What is certain is that where this continent floats, it will have a serious impact on marine life.


This garbage continent will continue to release toxic substances and a small amount of micro particles, seriously threatening the life safety of local marine life. A few years ago, scientists found plastic microparticles in animals. Last year, they found the existence of plastic microparticles in human bodies and placentas. This shows that plastic has been everywhere, even into human bodies, and the appearance of these plastics is made by human beings.


After it is determined that this continent is marine garbage, no country is willing to deal with it. Secondly, because its area is too large, it is not easy to deal with this marine garbage. Now it is still floating in the Pacific Ocean. The next destination is probably the United States. What do you think of this marine garbage that is mistaken for a continent?

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