Who taught human technology when scientists made UFO prototypes? Do aliens really exist?

There have been many UFO incidents in the world, and these UFOs also cast a mysterious veil on the aliens. The Pentagon of the United States released three videos this year, which is the first time that human beings have acknowledged the existence of UFOs. From the three videos released, we can see that the speed of UFOs is extremely fast, and the level of human science and technology can not reach it. Are these UFOs really alien spaceships?


UFO prototype comes out


Many people think that if aliens really exist, their technology level is far ahead of human beings. Since they can come to the earth, it means that they have broken the speed limit and can travel freely in space. Many people also have this idea. If the aliens have no malice to human beings, if we can master the technology of building spaceships, then human civilization will enter a new level. On the 16th of this month, the website of the United States reported an article that the United States has built a prototype based on UFO. Does this mean that our scientific and technological level has made a great breakthrough, and can human beings realize Star Trek?


In fact, human beings have been manufacturing UFO prototypes for a long time. This time, the manufacturing process is more strict, and many novel technologies have been adopted, including electromagnetic field generator and various high-temperature superconductors. However, these patents lack experimental evidence and have been questioned by some scientists. After all, with the current scientific and technological means, the prototype is just a test object. In the future, these theories will be feasible, and human beings will really build spaceships.


After seeing this news, conspiracy theorists believe that with the current scientific and technological means, human beings can’t make UFO prototypes unless we get the help of aliens. Many people seconded this theory after it was put forward. This month, many former officials revealed that aliens have arrived on earth and have reached an agreement with human beings. They will also build experimental bases on earth Is there any relationship between teaching science and technology to human beings?


If this report is a real human and has created a UFO, it can only show that scientists have made progress in UFO research, and can not judge that aliens have come to earth and have reached an agreement with humans. After all, there is a big difference between the prototype and the real UFO. Even if this prototype comes out, do humans dare to sit?


It has only taken mankind 200 years to enter the era of science and technology. At present, we have never been able to give birth to such a creative scientist as Einstein. Some people think that modern science has been in a stagnant stage. Therefore, after seeing such news, we can understand the determination of human exploration. I don’t know what you think?

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