Who will be the natural enemy of mankind on earth? Scientists speculate that it may appear in 200 years!

Who will be the natural enemy of mankind on earth? Scientists speculate that it may appear in 200 years!


All animals and plants in nature are closely linked to form a perfect biological chain, and basically every kind of creature has its natural enemies. For example, piranhas are afraid of giant eels, locusts are afraid of sparrows, and so on. One link controls the other, restricts and grows up with each other. Their existence has its own value. If there are no natural enemies in nature, many creatures will act recklessly. For such a long time, human beings have been at the top of the food chain. Although they don’t have strong limbs and ferocious habits, they have a unique brain.


The brain is the most critical structure of the human body. It can not only think about problems, but also direct our hands to create products. In terms of natural enemies, human beings have no natural enemies on the earth. After all, no creature can threaten human survival. Even sharks and tigers can do nothing. Who will be the natural enemy of mankind on earth? Scientists speculate that it may appear in 200 years!


Since entering the year 2020, with the wanton invasion of the virus, human beings have finally felt their incompetence. Facing the virus, they can only sit and wait for death, and have no way. Everyone’s life is extremely fragile. It has a history of millions of years on the earth. Step by step, it has evolved into a modern man. During this period, it has experienced many setbacks and tribulations. Many people have been wondering whether it is possible for humans to evolve natural enemies in the future?


Perhaps the biggest natural enemy of mankind is artificial intelligence


Scientists have discovered an unusual substance, artificial intelligence. Perhaps now that artificial intelligence is the natural enemy of human beings, no one believes that artificial intelligence represents the rapid development of science and technology, it improves human efficiency, but also more convenient for our lives, but science and technology has two sides, although artificial intelligence brings great benefits to human beings, but there are many disadvantages, which are gradually ignored by many people. The reason why artificial intelligence is restrained by human beings is that they have no consciousness and can only be operated under the control of human beings.


With the development of science and technology, when artificial intelligence reaches its mature stage, it may have the consciousness of independent thinking, get rid of the control of human beings, and human forces can not compete with it at all. At that time, human beings can only be manipulated by them. The master of the earth is no longer human. It’s frightening to think about it. Artificial intelligence is much more terrible than animals in nature. It has nothing to fear. Even if humans have brains, there is no way to use them. It is hard for us to imagine what the future world will look like. Human beings are going to be eliminated. Artificial intelligence will dominate the earth, and earth shaking changes will take place. Such a picture has never been imagined by human beings.


The natural enemy of mankind, that is, artificial intelligence, which can contain human beings, has such ability. Therefore, human beings should make rational use of it while developing high technology. Now that it is human operator technology, it does not mean that human beings can operate all the time. When the technology is mature enough, human beings are likely to be manipulated by technology. That’s really terrible. Do you think artificial intelligence will become human Are human enemies? You can leave a message for interaction.

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