Why are astronauts isolated when they return to earth? One of the reasons is frightening

Why are astronauts isolated every time they return to earth?


When it comes to astronauts, we have to say that since the Soviet Union launched sputnik-1, the world’s first man-made earth satellite, into space on October 4, 1957, the human space industry has made rapid progress. Aerospace has penetrated into almost every field of human social life and production activities, playing an increasingly important role in the progress of human civilization.

At the same time, human beings have been able to send all kinds of manned or unmanned spacecraft out of the earth’s atmosphere and into space orbit.


So far, 12 astronauts have successfully arrived on the moon and observed the earth. One of the most talked about is the Apollo moon landing program of the United States in 1968. In the plan, a total of 12 astronauts landed on the moon. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the successful astronauts, many astronauts have stayed on the lunar orbit.


In addition to the astronauts landing on the moon, there are many astronauts living and performing missions in the space station for a short or even long time. Whether they arrive on the moon or on the space station, they will be isolated for a period of time after they successfully reach the earth’s surface. Why? Many people are deeply puzzled about this.

Reason 1:


In the special environment of space, the body of astronauts will be exposed to more than 100 times of cosmic radiation higher than that of the earth, and the possibility of body canceration is very high.


Moreover, in the weightless environment like space, the muscle movement of the body is greatly reduced, and the muscle can not support the body as it does on the ground, which leads to the probability of bone loss, muscle atrophy, endurance decline and other problems of astronauts.

Therefore, for the sake of the health of astronauts, they will be isolated and observed for a period of time after returning to the earth.


Second reason:


In addition to worrying about the health of astronauts, it is also very important to prevent astronauts from accidentally carrying outer space bacteria or viruses back to earth.

We all know that space is so vast and full of mysterious unknowns. After a long time of exploration, human beings still only know the tip of the iceberg of the universe. And the theory of extraterrestrials in the universe is even more complicated. Even the moon, the closest to the earth, has been suspected to be the base of alien life.


Moreover, there are so many planets like the earth in the universe that the possibility of life is very high. If the astronauts accidentally bring the space bacteria or viruses back to earth during the mission, it will even endanger the fate of human beings. So when astronauts return to earth from space, they must be separated and observed for a period of time to ensure that nothing happens.


How long does it take for an astronaut to be isolated after returning from space?

The isolation of astronauts returning from space can be divided into three stages: medical isolation, medical convalescence and recovery convalescence. The astronauts need to stay in a sealed environment, and the staff in the isolation area are forbidden to have direct contact with the astronauts.


As the first stage of isolation, medical isolation takes about 14 days to complete. Here, astronauts will re adapt to the earth’s gravity environment, restore body function.


Medical convalescence is the second stage, which takes 20-30 days. Here, astronauts will gradually increase their activities while continuing to recover.

After the first two stages of recovery measures, the medical supervision and medical insurance department will arrange the astronauts to enter a three-month convalescence period to restore their physiological parameters to the pre flight state.

Doesn’t it look complicated! Xiaobian believes that with the continuous development and progress of human technology, scientists will be able to develop spaceships in science fiction movies. This kind of spaceship is not only fast, but also has anti gravity technology, anti radiation ability, automatic detection and killing of unknown bacteria, etc. In this way, even if human beings fly into space, they will not be constrained too much.

What do you think of the fact that astronauts are isolated every time they return to earth? Welcome to comment area.

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