Why are astronauts strict in height and weight? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I suddenly realized

With the accelerated pace of human exploration of the universe, more and more pilots will be needed in the future. Maybe many people yearn for the universe and want to be an astronaut to explore the universe. However, it is not easy to be a cosmonaut. It requires not only strong physical quality, but also good psychological quality. In terms of physical fitness, when selecting astronauts, physical fitness requirements are also very strict, too thin or too fat, too high or too short are not allowed. Why? Now let’s listen to the explanation of experts.

When selecting astronauts in China, the height of astronauts is required to be between 1.65-1.75, and the weight is about 65 kg, not more than 70 kg. The reason why the height is limited between 1.65 and 1.75 is mainly due to the size of the space in the aircraft cabin. If the height is too high, the space activity range is small, and the body is smaller, so more space can be made. The weight should not be too heavy. If it is too heavy, it will increase the load of the aircraft. It is also for safety reasons. From the point of view of human physiology, the spine of a shorter person will be more capable of resisting the impact force of a spaceship when it is launched and landed.


Generally speaking, the body standard of astronauts is equivalent to the best body standard, not high or low, and the ratio of weight to height is perfect. This is also a manifestation of relatively healthy physical quality. Some people may have said that in order to reduce the space and load of the aircraft, it’s OK to find some very short and thin astronauts? In fact, it’s not that the thinner the better, the shorter the better. In fact, the selection of astronauts is basically from the pilot team, and the selection of pilots requires very strict height and weight.

After listening to the expert’s explanation, many people suddenly realize that this is the case. Does it mean that it will never be possible for ordinary people to go to space? Naturally, it is not. With the continuous progress of human space technology, the performance of aircraft is bound to continue to improve. In the future, the aircraft may develop into a huge spaceship, and the internal space is huge. In this way, the height and weight of astronauts will continue to be relaxed. Even if you are a fat man with a few hundred kilograms or more, it is possible to go to space.

The requirements of astronauts mainly depend on the progress of human science and technology. If we can develop anti gravity technology, it will be very easy to go to space, and the spacecraft can be built very large, thousands of meters or tens of thousands of meters. At this time, the requirements for astronauts will be very low. As long as you want to be an astronaut and want to go to space, it is almost impossible There is no problem. In the future, it may be as convenient for us to go to space by spaceship as it is for us to take taxi or bus. Of course, some people who are carsick may also have uncomfortable reactions. The patch carsick sticker will be OK.


Human civilization is constantly advancing towards space. The future world is the space world. We will no longer be bound by the earth, but focus on the whole universe. At that time, there will be no astronauts. Every family or family will have a small aircraft that can go into space. Everyone is an astronaut. We can drive the aircraft to explore and travel in the universe.

Are you eager for such a future? I believe that in the near future, all these may come true. What do you think?


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