Why are Einstein half portraits? After seeing the full body photo, I realized his hobby!

If we talk about the greatest scientists in the world, I believe many people think about Newton and Einstein. At the time of Einstein’s death, his brain was stolen by doctors. Doctors hope to solve the secret of Einstein’s high IQ. It is said that his IQ is as high as 160, which is beyond the level of most people on earth. I wonder if you have noticed this phenomenon. In many textbooks and photos, why do we seldom see Einstein’s full body photos?


In our impression, scientists are dignified and dignified, and there are many funny pictures of Einstein making faces and sticking out his tongue on the Internet. In fact, he is not as serious as people think. In addition to conducting scientific research and experiments, Einstein is actually a lively old urchin. For example, his most classic picture of sticking out his tongue shows us a different Einstein. It is precisely because of his young mentality that he has a different style of dressing.


Einstein’s “hobby”


We can often see that Einstein’s dressing style is still very characteristic, although sometimes he wears strange clothes, in fact, it is for comfort. Einstein was very fond of wearing sandals at that time. But many people did not expect that he had a special hobby, that is to wear women’s sandals. When he put on a strange dress and such a pair of shoes, the whole painting style was a little strange. The photographer also considered this aspect. In order to make his image more dignified and dignified, he only showed his upper body.


So when we search for Einstein’s photos, most of them are half body photos, which can explain the lack of full body photos. In fact, like many scientists and musicians, they seem to be stable and introverted, but they all have a childlike heart. Scientists have learned a lot about the world and the universe, but it’s really hard to keep a childlike heart. Einstein has shown great intelligence since he was a child. In addition to high-value scientific research achievements, he also has deep attainments in music.


The secret of Einstein’s brain


These qualities also refresh human’s cognition of it, just like the doctor who stole his brain at that time. When the doctor named Harvey saw the picture that an outstanding scientist could never wake up, we seemed to understand his mood. If Einstein’s brain was really different from ordinary people, it would be a big leap for the development of human civilization to unlock the secret of the brain .


Now we all know that his brain is no different from that of ordinary people, but because he loves to think, he has more brain lines. Even such a pioneering scientist has a secret hobby, which can be understood. After all, scientists are human beings, and they also have emotions and real inner world. What do you think?

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