Why are female robots so expensive and still popular? See what users say!

Human beings have entered the age of intelligence. Under the influence of the Internet, we can understand anything without going out. With the rise of artificial intelligence, intelligent robots have come to the public from science fiction movies. In Japan, women’s robots have never been launched, but they are sold out. Why are women’s robots not human, but loved by many male users?


Many developed countries have made great efforts to study artificial intelligence. In terms of female robots, Japan has done a better job. The female robots they created also provide partner services, so they have won the favor of many audiences. Although these female robots are very lifelike from the appearance, in fact, the price of these robots is too high, like A few years ago, the price of the “miss Muhu” robot was about 1.5 million yuan. Even today’s intelligent robot, although the cost has been reduced, it will cost several hundred thousand to customize one.

Female robots are popular


So it’s not cost-effective to buy female robots. After all, they are not real people and can’t have children. Why do so many people love them? Many male users have spoken. If you have used these robots, you will know that they are good. Although their price is very expensive, their performance is very superior. They can not only communicate, but also do housework, which makes people feel very convenient.


In addition to these excellent performance, in fact, the most popular reason for male users is chatting. In our opinion, robots have no life and ideas, and their communication with humans is only programmed. But these female robots have sensors in their bodies, and they can feel the changes of human emotions. At this time, robots may play some funny movies, or directly communicate with humans. If someone has used them, they will know that they are considerate.

AI arouses controversy


Although female robots are loved by many people, there are still many people who are skeptical about the development of artificial intelligence. Rocket maniac musk once predicted the future of artificial intelligence. He thinks that the learning ability of artificial intelligence is still very strong, and in the future, it may replace human beings and occupy the dominant position in the world.


There is no doubt that the future era must be intelligent. Now artificial intelligence is still full of many controversies, but it is also an inevitable trend. Just like the female robots on sale in Japan, they not only have high face value, but also have strong sensing ability. Maybe they are a condiment in the boring life. What do you think?

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