Why are giant pandas not afraid of lions and tigers? It turns out that we are all cheated by the appearance of panda Mengmeng

The earth is a planet of life. In the long years of 4.6 billion years, there have been many creatures. For example, 300 million years ago when insects ruled the world, 65 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the world. These former overlords disappeared in the subsequent mass extinctions, and the living creatures began to evolve.

After the fifth mass extinction of the earth, that is, after the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, a new generation of life began to emerge, and human beings began to evolve and grow from simple creatures to intelligent ones. Today, there are millions of creatures on the earth, some of which are very old. They have lived tenaciously through disasters and evolutions.

There are very few such ancient creatures, and the cute giant panda is one of them. Due to the rapid progress of human science and technology and the rapid rise of industrial revolution, the earth’s environment is also deteriorating. Many species are extinct, and a large number of animals are endangered. Giant panda is one of the endangered animals in the world. Nowadays, the number of wild giant pandas in China is actually very small, because giant pandas are gentle, can’t attack humans, and are lazy. In the eyes of many people, it will be coquettish and cute, and it will also please human beings for bamboo.


In many people’s eyes, giant panda is such a cute and stupid animal, it should have no strength, and it should be the weak in the animal world. But nature is a very cruel environment, the jungle, survival of the fittest. Giant panda is a very old animal, it can survive until now, that is absolutely unusual.

In people’s eyes, aggressive animals must be lions and tigers. One is the king of grassland, who likes to live in groups. The other is the king of forest, who is a lone ranger. Lions and tigers are animals at the top of the food chain. They are powerful and domineering. Other animals will run away when they see them, but giant pandas are not afraid of lions and tigers. Why?

When a wild giant panda and a lion tiger meet by accident, it will never appear that the giant panda is reincarnated and runs away. Instead, it will choose to confront the lion and the tiger. The final result is probably that the lion and the tiger retreat. Why do the lion and the tiger give advice in front of the giant panda? Maybe many people don’t understand, but when we understand the origin of giant pandas, you will understand that we are all cheated by Jing Mengmeng’s appearance.

Although the giant pandas we see now eat by their faces, the origin of giant pandas is not simple. As I said just now, the giant panda is a very old animal. Its ancestor is the first panda, which was born 8 million years ago. It is said that it used to be Chiyou’s Mount, accompany Chiyou all the way through the customs, it can be seen that the giant panda’s combat effectiveness is absolutely not weak.


The ancestor of the giant panda, the first panda evolved from a kind of pseudobear, which was mainly carnivorous. The main branches of the first panda continue to evolve in central and southern China. One of them appeared in the early Pleistocene about 3 million years ago and is smaller than the panda. It can be inferred from its teeth that it has evolved into an omnivore that also eats bamboos, the egg bearing bear.

Although we now see that giant pandas live on bamboo, they are omnivorous animals, but they prefer to eat bamboo. This may be related to the fact that giant pandas lived in subtropical bamboo forests in their early days, where there was no other food, just more bamboo. In order to survive, giant pandas began to live on bamboo. At the same time, in order to adapt to the bamboo forest and eat good bamboo, the giant panda also began a new round of evolution. At this time, the giant panda’s body size gradually increased, its molar teeth became stronger and stronger, and its claw had a “thumb” in addition to five toes. This “thumb” is actually a specialized carpal bone, which is called “radial sesamoid bone”, mainly used to hold bamboo.

If giant pandas do not have strong fighting capacity and survival ability, they can not survive from 8 million years ago to now. We should know that there are very few animals that can last 8 million years in nature. In fact, the fighting capacity of the giant panda is not weak. It is also a member of the bear family, ranking fourth. As we all know, members of the bear family are very tough. Lions and tigers can’t beat a bear alone.


The fighting power of giant pandas mainly lies in the bite force of their teeth and the thickness of their skin. We usually go to the zoo to watch giant pandas eat bamboo. From the relaxed appearance, we can see that the teeth of giant pandas are very strong. What’s more, the bite force of giant panda is also famous in the animal kingdom. Any animal that is bitten by it will be choking.

In addition, the skin of the giant panda is very thick. I believe many friends have seen the giant panda fall from a high tree. There is nothing wrong with it. Get up and continue to move. We often see in the animal kingdom that the keeper holds the skin of a giant panda and lifts it up. This shows how thick the skin of a giant panda is. Even if an animal bites the neck of a giant panda, it can’t hurt the giant panda or even break the skin.

Giant pandas rely on its thick skin to have a strong anti Strike ability. Coupled with its strong bite force, no animal in the animal kingdom dares to provoke it easily. Even beasts like lions and tigers have to admit it when they see giant pandas. Although lions and tigers are not afraid of giant pandas, if they really want to fight with giant pandas, no one can take advantage of them. In the end, they will lose both sides. So when lions and tigers see giant pandas in the wild, they usually take the initiative to avoid conflicts with them.

For giant pandas, they are cute, gentle and lovely animals. Naturally, they will not take the initiative to attack lions and tigers, nor will they take the initiative to attack other animals. Seeing this, I believe many people will sigh: the giant panda clearly has extraordinary fighting power, and its ancestors are even more powerful and domineering, but with the development of generations, it has become a cute baby to sell cute and play treasure.


In fact, we should also thank the giant panda for being a peace loving animal as well as a strong fighting force. Perhaps it is because of this character that the giant panda has been able to survive in the predatory animal kingdom for 8 million years. In order not to compete with other animals for food, the giant panda gave up eating meat and chose bamboo which was not snatched by animals.

When we know the origin of the giant panda and its extraordinary fighting capacity, we don’t feel afraid of it. On the contrary, we feel that the giant panda is more lovely and friendly, gentle and has such strong fighting capacity. The more we look at it, the more we like it. Giant pandas are rare now, especially in the wild. We should protect them well and not let them suffer any harm.

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